Little Caesars Pizza

1626 Darby Dr, Florence
(256) 768-0977

Recent Reviews

Pamela Gilbert

Pizza was awesome. Young man in the drive through was great. I will go back.

Saint Michael

Can't pick up your food inside and have to wait in a long line while they make the other people's food while you're food gets cold that was supposed to be picked up 20 minutes ago

Yonina Israel

I ordered over the phone 2 Extramoist bestie cheese pizza only. When I went to pick it up after a 20-minute, through the drive-thru, I realized they gave me the wrong pizza after I drove 20 minutes back home to, and the pizzas was definitely not fresh. I drove 20 minutes back to the restaurant and went inside and was told it would be a 30-minute wait. That was a lot of gas and time to end up not receiving the pizzas I ordered before the other customers being served.

Dennis Phillips

I purchased 5 pizzas, 3 were special made for the grandkids. They could have used another 5 minutes cook time. They told me it would be 20 to 25 minutes and they would bring them to my truck. 30 minutes later I had to go in and ask for them

Jared Culwell

This particular location is lacking in consistency and quality. I even have tried to special order so products would be made hot and hopefully of better quality but to no avail. I acquired the number for a regional manager named Stephen and had tried to work out opportunities as they arose but he quit responding. I would not recommend this location due to a variety of issues.

Kayla Davenport

Love this place! Good cheap food!

Darneashia Patton

Very poor customer service ordered online and half way to the restaurant they told me they didn't have the wings I ordered so I asked if they could just refund me my money seeing how they didn't have what I wanted he then told me they weren't allowed to do refunds and proceeded to tell me that they could change it out for crazy bread I told him I didn't need anymore crazy bread because I had already ordered bred also he then said well that's the stuffed crazy bread I told him bread with cheese weather it's inside or outside is the exact same thing and I just wanted my money back when I arrived at the store location the manager was no where to be found and they still insisted they couldn't give me my money for my order would not give me their corporate number I had to find it online. Don't order from here it's just going to upset you and your going to have to wait for your order for twenty five minutes no matter what you order!!

Jane Hargett

I had some bad experiences here but now I have to leave 5 stars. Last time it happened and my order was wrong, I came back the next day and told one of the employees about it and she made it right and was very nice. I think her name was Sarah. I will come back because of her.


This is one of the worst restaurants I have ever been to. I would love for the DM to get in touch with me


First off ill say that the pizzas are generally very good- the problem is that they are rarely ready and IF they are ready then they are frequently cold and I learned to check my order before I leave because on more than a few occasions I've been handed the wrong pizza. So often when I go in, even if its quiet they wont have any pizzas ready and I've gotten to the point that I just leave..if there was another one nearby i'd just go there and forget this place entirely..

Dave Smith

In drive through line since 7:30 pm and get to window at exactly 8 pm. Girl literally leaned out the window with no mask on, and asked for my order. I asked for the new Crazy Calzoni, which is advertised as Hot n Ready between 4-8pm. Girl proceeded to tell me "we don't do custom orders after 8" I stated "it's just 8 now, it should be 'hot n ready' how is that a custom order?". She just stared at me for about 10 second, then said "I have a pepperoni". Very poor customer service!

William Glover

Ordered 2 pizzas and cheese bread that had to be cooked. Was told 15-20 minutes for the order to be completed. 15 minutes in the pizzas were ready but was told the bread had not been cooked. Well what good was it to come offer me the pizzas and why was my bread not started with my order 15 minutes prior. Domino's definitely from now on.

FoonieX Films

Pizzas were good, the employees were nice, and I didn’t have to wait long


We sit at the drive thru for 15 minutes waiting our turn, order, and are told to pull around to the front. After waiting 25 minutes, we go in only to be told they forgot about us. No apology, no let me make this right...just here's your now cold pizza. We will never go back.

Breona Burgess

Worst service ever. Went through the drive thru just to be told there were no hot and ready pizzas. I askedbhiw long she said 10-30 minutes. I said okay. She walked away. I stayed at the window and said am I supposed to pay now or later? She gave me a total and walked away again. Waited on someone inside then came back the window, took my money. Then told me she would bring my pizzas to my car, just pull around and park. I pulled around and waited 40 minutes in the parking lot. My 1 year old needed to use the potty so we couldn't wait much longer. I went to the door and there the lady was. The worker that was acting so strange at the drive thru window 40 minutes prior. She was sitting in the guest waiting area, rubbing on her ankles. I look at the warmer and look back at her and said " ma'am, are my pizzas ready?" She gets up and limps over to the warmer, gets my two pizzas out and walks them back over to me at the door. Where I'm standing and watching my son in my car. She then has the audacity to say " sorry for your wait", I replied " yeah right" and grabbed the pizzas from her and left. I didn't have time to get her name then I just had to get my son to the nearest potty and get home to my husband for dinner. Ridiculous. She obviously forgot about us waiting outside. Left us out there for almost an hour and didn't think twice about it. The lady's was a heavier set Caucasian woman. I guess with bad ankles. We won't be back.

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