3183 Cloverdale Rd, Florence
(256) 740-6797

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CPT Picklez

People who work here don't know the difference between 1 and 2. Single and double. Absolute wastes of clean air work here. From the managers down to the fry cook. Trash people, trash food, trash service. Should all be fired and made homeless, and their families too. Over entitled, garbage human beings.

Matt Melo

No dine in, has 2 drive thru's but isn't using the 2nd one. No curb side pickup either.

Sheri Gere

I have been ridiculously gracious with the rating of a single star! After the experience I encountered with two of the employees at the drive through at the Cloverdale McDonalds, one sadly being the Manager. What began a merely an incorrect order turned into the absolute worst display of any type of customer service. The manager was sarcastic, implied I was lying and refused to assist me in correcting the abundantly simple correction in our order. She refused to give me the remainder of my paid order. She instructed the young boy at the window to shut the window on me while I asked for the drink we had ordered. My bag was tossed at me and the manager was the worst excuse for a supervisor of anything. She made rude comments as well as walked away instructing ONCE AGAIN to shut the window as I merely requested the sauce to go with nuggets we ordered.Throughout this unfortunate experience not one person in my party ever raised thier voice, used sarcasm or acted at all in a rude manner. The manager of this establishment is in no way equipped nor has the common sense know how to realize that it is the customer's that she there to serve. She should be setting the example to these kids. Instead she enabled this opportunity to treat customers in the worst disrespectful manner.Word of mouth is a powerful tool to encourage or discouraged further patrons . We will never visit this location again.I would not recommend this location to anyone. Stay clear!Go to 7 points, they are amazing.

Lindsey Holt

Is the food McDonald's? Yes. Does their ice cream machine go down? Also, yes. Are they extra friendly? Absolutely not. Do they sometimes get the order wrong? Also, yes. Is the line often long and never swift? For sure. But are they open almost all the time? Yes, they are. So for those reasons, I've got to go with 4 stars instead of the 3 stars this location deserves. Because there's always a chance that you can get a 10pm McFlurry and that's the kind of hope that America needs.

Will Wiggins

Yall were shortstaffed during covid too, but you still had your lobby open to delivery drivers. This is bs. We're getting paid 5 dollars to wait in your drive thru for 20 minutes on top of having to drive to wherever the customer lives. Open your lobby

Clay Harris

They cooked me and my family some fresh fries 5min before they closed and no one at the window or the speaker tried to make me feel guilty for them having to do their job not even once and that is worth all the bad reviews in the world put together, just to have this one rare occasion.,I can't explain to anyone how hard it is to get my 5yr old boy to eat. He eats 2 things and that's "nuggets and fries from McDonald's and Little Ceasars pepperoni pizza. So, to pull up last night at a McDonald's (Cloverdale Rd. Location) after picking my son up from his granny's right before they were closing and asked them to cook something fresh so he could have dinner, and they were so polite and professional about everything was such a breath of fresh air!!!Something that mynute goes so far with me because those McDonald's employees didn't have to do or say any of what they did and that right there made it personal for me. You still have a daily customer here for a long while. Thank you !!

Rachael Brown

I use to be a regular customer there. The 1:00 crew has no I deal what they are doing. Ask for extra ice and they give me no ice. Gave it back and told the lady I need extra ice . She gives it back with maybe 4 or 5small chips in it . Either put someone in there who knows what they doing or cut the pay down . She isn't worth what she gets payed. The order wasn't that hard . Ijs

Jim Murphy

Got my order completely wrong. No way it was a misinterpretation it was just not putting any effort into doing the job. Yes I should have checked before I got home but still their fault. Will not be going back to this location again or any other for a while.

Keith West

Got order all wrong, but it was her second day. They got it corrected. Glad to see people getting jobs. She will get better. Food was good.


It's really a hit or miss, but today the experience was great. Quick service , very polite, order was correct. Great Job !

ynot MAGA

Drove 20 minutes when gas is 4.36 a gallon. Drove home with my order. My wife took two bites and realized the meat was raw. I checked mine and it was worse. Drove back. And when I told the lady at the front she didnt show any remorse. She just took them in the back. Another lady walked up and was wondering what was going on. The girl told her and she said we will make up the burgers. I said i want the whole order made up. She ask what was wrong with the drink. I told her I wanted to eat my cooked hamburger and fries with a non watered down drink. She made a sucking noise with her mouth and then said uh huh and walked off. Let's just say i dont appreciate the attitude. Just dont even come up and say anything if your going to be a problem. I understand things happen but the way you handle them are really important. I took some pics of the meat if any one wants to take a look.

Chibi Wolf

So my husband and I pulled through tonight and order two large double quarters (one with McSause and the other lettuce/tomatoes). No big deal right? So we pulled into the church parking to eat and I open mine. It was missing a patty, checked his and it was good. Okay pull through drive through and ask for the patty and cheese in a box and I’ll slap it together myself. Didn’t think it was a big deal. Pull up to the window and explain/shows the problem and gave a solution (the first window didn’t give me a receipt but my order was slightly odd and I had literally just went through) their like we can’t give you a patty with cheese due to Covid we’d have to make you a new sandwich. I told them it would have been a hell of a lot easier just to put the patty in a box. We had waited about 15 minutes or so for it and have an extra sandwich that’ll most likely go to waste before the nights over. Hell I worked in that store my teenage years (about 4 years ago) and I’m not gonna lie I’ve messed up like that before and customer if a had given me a simple solution like that I would accommodate just to get taken care of, so they could do what they needed to do.

Christy Burleson Barnes

Drive thru. Food was good. Dessert was even better. Blueberry creme pie. But the service was the BEST part!!!! That alone will be the reason I go back to this location of McDonald's.

Nikkie Brady

I would like to commend the crew that works on morning shift on the weekends. The ladies at the window this morning were very courteous, and cheerful. That top of attitude goes a long way these days. Good job folks

Jennifer Hutto Atkinson

Ordered Doordash after 30 minutes of the driver sitting in the drive through the employees refused to come to the window because they were closed now! I did without Dinner last night! Thanks jackasses!

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