Taco Bell

3040 Cloverdale Rd, Florence
(256) 648-4455

Recent Reviews

BETH Dawson

My daughter wants to go here at least once a week. The staff is always friendly and we get through the drive through quickly. The inside has been clean and neat when we've been inside.Food: 5/5

Connie Allen

I got there 5 mins before closing and kept trying to get someone to answer me when she did answer I told her a wanted a taco supreme, and 2 soft tacos.She said she couldn't take my order because her screen stops working at 1 am. And I told her I've been waiting for 5 mins. She said she was sorry. I was mad done had a bad day and that just popped it off.

Nelson Mcclish

We come here many times with our church youth after church around 8:30 or 9. We used to eat inside but now on church nights they lock the doors early so they don’t have to serve us. We are always polite and pick up after ourselves. They do not close early on nights there’s not church so we feel like they’ve singled us out… ?

glenn robertson

No cheese on tocos 12 bucks 2 tacos an small drink.

biff tannen

Nasty, just sad . Nothing against the workers personally, it just sucks you can't go to a clean fast food place anymore

John Doe

I am sitting here now 8/13/22, it's hot, there's one car and 3 people inside, I've been at this drive up 15 minutes already and the window hasn't opened one time yet. About to drive off again. I am busy. Time to ditch all fast food restaurants.

Jonathan Lovelace

You order a chicken quesadilla and it might have 3 pieces of chicken in it I think the employees leave some chicken out from every meal so they can carry it home at the end of the night

April Ezell

Every time we go here either they get the order wrong or leave items out!

Cylena Pitts

Id like to go in and eat instead of going through drive thru for 10 minutes. Are there not enough people working?

Erik Hunter

Fast, awesome food. For that 4th individual.

Aleasha Epps

I was there this week and as I was ordering my food one of the co-workers older lady was in a back cussing and it's not cool at all I have my grandson with me. Then when I brought it to the manager's attention he pretended as if someone would call me no one ever called where I could complain to the manager the customer service there is horrible

Linda W.

Happy the Mexican pizza was back, got two. One for me and one for my hubs. He also got two other items.

Olivia berry

I love taco bell and I eat it every day and most of their stuff is really cheap

Emma P.

Best Taco Bell restaurant around, for sure! The food always comes out amazing. I definitely recommend this place!

Brian Thomas

Very Giod Service Good Food Polite Staff

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