El patron attalla

940 Gilbert Ferry Rd SE, Attalla
(256) 538-2003

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willie ellis

I had the steak fajitas. There was plenty of food, but the meat was tasteless. The refried beans tasted like cardboard. I have been eating here for a long time, but it seems that the food is getting worse all the time. I have decided to stop eating here. By the way, I am pretty sure that most of those positive reviews of this place were posted by people who have never eaten at this restaurant.

Rylie Holmes

Me and my husband used to love this place! They had great food , I don't know here last few times it's been trash. I can't get enough rice , when I ask for PLENTY of rice they charged $5 extra! And it still wasn't right and you can't argue with them it's always they're right not the customer! Y'all have lost 2 loyal customers bc y'all can't get right .

Meredith McCown (Merwhoo)

Phenomenal food, service is beyond fast, and I absolutely adore the decor! Great booths and tables, separate bar area, gorgeous art ALL over the place and did I mention how DELICIOUS everything always has been & is?! ? 11 out of 10 and there's always something left to take home too!??Food: 5/5

Cassie Wolfe

We ate here for lunch Saturdays. We usually go to the one in east Gadsden so I assumed everything was well here to. Although everything seemed fine, the service was good and all that however my all four of us was diagnosed with food poisoning just a few hours later including my self and both my 11 year old and 3 year old. I have informed the health department of our diagnosis and the issues surrounding it. There was no other option than the fact we contracted it from here. Please use caution if you dine at this particular area. I personally suggest the location in east Gadsden instead of this one


Food was good, Mango Margarita is good. Servers are attentive and food was out fast. But this is the second time I've caught them trying to short me change once, got that fixed and they did owe me. Now we had 2 separate tickets....1st couple paid for ticket 2, then we also got charged for ticket 2. Ticket 1 Should have been a little less, however we were all outside discussing what happened with the other couple and decided it was about $8 difference. So we just let it be! Watch your checks and count your change.

Zuriel Daher

We came to this location this past Sunday whether determining which Mexican restaurant in Attalla we were going to eat. Well I chose this one instead of another close by. Before we entered inside we wanted to find out if the tables and chairs was clean inside for us to sit in, and to our findings it was. When we were sitting inside the adornments was pretty to look at. Once ordering we were wondering if we should order a plate from the menu separately for ourselves. But we decided to order two big plate fajitas with two different types of meat that came with green bell peppers and onions. The food overall was appetizing taste was quite Mexican. However I must say to some degree we all liked the food, but I think I had one too many sides that came along with it. Now I would never expect anybody to finish all that food in one day, take it home if you have to. This location is not seemingly big or wide as the closest restaurant Old Mexico is close by.This restaurant is a chain, so they have other locations spread south from here. What I find amusing inside the restaurant is that there is a bench crafted from Mexico close to the cashier that shows two ranchers cultivating the blue Agave plants and cutting it open from a long pole.

Julie H.

We were passing thru town on our way to TN and had been craving Mexican food. The guy working at the Cove Campground recommended this place. Really good food and great service. The inside of the restaurant is so beautiful. We ordered some beers and cheese dip with our meals. Everything was on point and the salsa was really really good. My only complaint is when you are leaving you cannot see out of the door, instead it's like a mirror. I nearly hit a child in the head with the door who was attempting to come in as I was going out. I simply couldn't see her.

Heather Campbell

I went for my birthday dinner. We were seated and waited on quickly. I've been here twice over the 3 years my parents have lived here. I've lived in Reno, NV for all of my adult life until now and the Mexican food out here is the best with no comparison really. The cheese is my favorite. If you know, you know... Mexican food in the west uses a cheese that just doesn't melt the way it does in the south. The margarita tasted awesome, I don't like beans so I substituted it for rice in my burritos (I got the chicken and beef burritos with rice instead of beans) they're smothered in cheese and just plain yummm

mark h

Portion sizes are huge and service is excellent. I am a local and really love this place. If you have a dog, they have an excellent patio. This is a traditional Mexican Restaurant with above average dining

Ashley Walden

Kids went to eat here and ordered fajita chicken tacos, brought mine home and terrible is an understatement. Called to give them a chance to Make it right and they literally want me to bring the taco back tomm since I refused to get out tonight and drive back because they messed up. Kid you not this woman asked me to bring this taco back tomm since I wouldn’t tonight. Will never attend this “establishment” again. This is why we stopped going and should have stayed away.

Aaron Travis

Food was delicious. However the street ? don't taste like street tacos, so if you looking for the street tacos experience. NO! My dessert was awesome!!

ed nunez

Very unenthusiastic/unprofessional staff. It’s a Monday at 9:09pm (they close at 10pm) I call first to ask if kitchen is still open. The guy on the phone lets out a big noticeable sigh but says yes. I decided to walk in given I was only a party of 1 and would be done eating before their closing time. When the host takes me to the table, the waitress says out loud in Spanish “SERIOUSLY?!?!? “ in an annoyed manner. She didn’t know I’m fluent in Spanish. So right then and there, I got up and left the restaurant. If the staff is so annoyed by paying customers coming in almost a whole hour before closing time (10pm) JUST CLOSE AT 9pm and be done with it. No need to be VERY RUDE. But I figure then they’ll be annoyed with anyone coming in at 8pm. Unbelievable

Froylan Diaz

fiesta fajita dinner.nothing compared to other fajitas this time it was a small portion and the dish was not pretty…

John M.

So fake, not even good Mexican food. Went today to get some lunch and checked the menu, saw Carnitas for a meat, no where on the menu. So I love other foods and ordered 4 chili relleno's to go. Got my order and left, got to my hotel room and opened my lunch to have, 4 stuffed Bell Pepper bottoms with ground beef and some cheese, Now that sucked bad. Don't waste your time, it's an insult to Mexican food, What a waste, never again am I eating there....

Lauren Chaviers

My family has come here to eat for 8+ years & loved the food up until the last year or so, the food is terrible & the prices hqve increased!The ticket is always ATLEAST $50-$60 each time so it's sickening to pay that much $ & then be served food that wasn't edible!I know the last 7 or 8 separate visits FOR SURE none of us could eat our meal due to how poorly prepared/cooked it was! That's absolutely ridiculous & I refuse to spend another penny in this restaurant!!!! ?

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