Japan Cajun Grill

1001 Rainbow Dr # 77, Gadsden
(256) 547-5010

Recent Reviews

Collette Rasco

This was the worst experience of my life no food in any of the bins double charge for a large drink a plate for two people one won ton cookie no refills and charged per egg roll. Nasty Rude servers.

lendy Barnard

I always go here I love the noodles teriyaki chicken

Jc Chandler

Pretty good atmosphere and food.

regina holloway

Always good

Seth Baugh

Never eaten here but I think it's ridiculous someone gave them a bad review because they found a bone in an animal that has bones in it. What an idiot.

Joshua Baker

Very good place to eat, I eat there pretty often. Packed out on Friday evening so get there early.

Joy C.

For mall food court food, it's pretty good. The pepper chicken, which I had never tried before, was really good, 5/5. The one with red sauce I think is called Hawaiian chicken. It's like sweet and sour sauce but more pineapple-y, 4/5. The egg rolls get a 3/5 and same for the rice. If you visit the Gadsden Mall food court, you notice that there are two Chinese places. Kinda weird maybe, but they both get adequate business so there is obviously a demand. We tried them side by side today and I would say that they are pretty similar. However I think that I like the pepper chicken enough that it will steer me here in the future!

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