Little Caesars Pizza

406 W Valley Ave, Homewood
(205) 940-6409

Recent Reviews

Blanca Contreras

Extra slow service. The lady rolled her eyes at me when I was asking for my order and then made me wait the longest time.

Dave Ewing

Ridiculously slow drive thru, waited in line half an hour to receive food already ordered online. Employees not wearing mask either.

Faye Day

The new Little Ceasers Hot N Ready Pepperoni Cheeser with Fresh Mozzarella & Toasted Asiago - Parmesan Crust is soooo good! I wanted to try it out and I’m so glad I did. Plus. your going to love it. However, the wait is a little long in the drive through. I didn’t use the website (the Portal) to place my order before coming like I normally do. But, it was worth the wait at the location on 406 Valley Avenue, Homewood, Alabama. The service was very good too! Thanks for being open and giving us Fresh Hot Pizza!

Tony K.

Ordered through the app for delivery. Turned out they use Doordash which I didn’t know. According to the App my food was delivered but i never got it. When I tried to call no-one answered. Not the delivery guy, not doordash nor the LC store where they picked it up. Took my money though. Never again.


Ordered through the website. The website allowed me to purchase a pizza and told me the store closes at 9. I got to the store at 8:30, and everything was closed. No big deal.

Brandon S.

Had our pizza delivered through DoorDash only to find it way undercooked and still doughey. I called six times before they answered. They said they couldn't send a new pizza or give me a credit. I would have to drive across town in the rain and turn in my bad pizza if I wanted another pie. Ahhh. Got ahold of a manager who said if I came down there another day and told them about it, they'd remake it. Frustrating. Inedible product and no customer service. Got robbed $25+.

Grant M.

The best Little Caesars I've ever been to. If you decide to go here, your in for a treat. From when you pull into the drive thru, to the moment you pull away with your "Hot-n-Ready" pizza, you'll be treated to the best customer service you'll ever see.

Jesus Ornelas

I just left after waiting over 20 minutes at the drive thru and didnt get service at 1:15 pm. Thought maybe they were busy but there was a worker outside smoking so they just lazy lazy

Mark Elders

Last night, 02/04/2020, some slim bald black guy (with a greenish yellow shirt) was at the door of Little Caesars 406 W Valley Ave, Homewood, AL 35209 and he held up a gun and was harassing me and other white people as we entered this location and as we left. Someone said the police were called because of this guy sounding like a terrorist against white customers. Consider this! A responsible manager would not have let this troublemaker threaten customers, but nobody came from behind the counter and said anything to this guy. I know because I sat in our vehicle and watched him hold up a gun and wave it and jump at white people while a Little Caesars employee stood behind the cash register. Telling everyone I know this because the situation looked very dangerous. God bless. Mark N Tim Elders, Birmingham, AL

Jeremy Love

Poor customer service. Manager refused to cook pizza fresh from order when asked but instead demanded we accept the old pizza that had been sitting for hours or get a refund. We took our money back and will never shop at this location again!!!

Conrad Know-How

Ordered two cheese pizzas and a crazy bread in the drive thru at 4:30. There was no one else waiting for an order. I was told to drive around. At 5:00 min pizzas had gone out the door from people who arrived after me, non from the preorder bin. Finally went in and they handed me my pizza. It was cold.

Jessica Richardson

Horrible sevice . front doors locked before time for lobby to close . waited in drive thru line for over 30 minutes. absolutely no "hot and ready" ready at this location.

TeDarius Forrest


Steven Murray

Don't even think about ordering from the drive-thru. First of all it will take 20 minutes and then you talk with someone who doesn't even speak English. This has happened 2 times in a row. Hope they go out of business....TERRIBLE

Lateshia Seay

I walked in to order a hot and ready and the employees was looking at me like I didn't belong there. Not sure how long I stood there without being waiting on but due to my health issues and needing to eat, I left. They will NEVER get my money or business again.

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