Chicken Salad Chick

3780 Riverchase Village Suite 110, Hoover
(205) 386-9511

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Brooke Thomas

This place is absolutely one of my favorite restaurants to visit. All the chicken salads are the best and that's coming from a person who rarely eats Southern food, but almost every time I've came into the store there has been someone smug at the cash register ruining this great experience. This place is really 5 stars, but some of the people placed at the front are quite arrogant, especially tonight. There are very nice people who work here. Unfortunately, I don't get to order from them instead.

Darlene Talton

Love this place. The chicken salad is awesome and the cookie with the meal melts in your mouth.Food: 5/5

Cameron al Shaqar

The different variant ions of chicken salad is great. The cashier that took our order went above and beyond. We went when it was busy and couldn't find a clean tableFood: 4/5

Giovanni Aviles

I can’t say enough stuff about the kind and welcoming staff, they work diligently to get you food out in a timely manner and always make sure you have everything you need . Recommend this place for some the best chicken salad around town

Titian Griffin

I love this place. The staff is always nice and the food is always great. My favorite is the grape salad!!!

Bart Morris

Heaven in your mouth!! The Sassy Scotty and jalapeno Holly on a croissant are my number one favorite feel-good food.

Leesa Veitch

Never had a regret eating here. Always delicious and very personalized customer service.

Junea Childers

Can't go wrong with the service or the food from Chicken Salad Chick menu!

Luke L.

My mom supposedly goes here all the time... that was an immediate red flag. She wanted to take me here why? Because they " Have really good chicken salad." What?... chicken salad isn't good to begin with. We park and I see a lady from the 1800s on the sign. When it said chick I thought it was going to be a little chick, the kind that you associate with Easter. But when we walked in it only got worse. Every seat was filled with old women like my mom ( except for this one lady who had Down syndrome, I couldn't tell how old she was). The food was tasted alright but I'm pretty sure my porcelain throne didn't think so. Aka I didn't really like it.

Richard M.

We always enjoy the food at our neighborhood CSC. The staff is always courteous. The one thing that we don't like is the presence of solicitors, outside the front door.

Seretha Jolly

I love the River chase location. Their food is always fresh and delicious. Great customer service as always.

Staci B.

First off I'm a type 2 diabetic so finding something thats not high in carbs is a chore and very hard to do. I'm a chicken salad / egg salad fan. Its similar to the way I eat at home. So it's a great choice for low carbers like myself. I liked the cranberry Kelli and the Sassy scotty myself. I did get the 3 scoop plate and tried the Kay Lynne and Lemon Basil also . I also tried a Dill one that is not featured on the paper menu . I liked everything but my favorites were the most flavorful to me . I would like to try the pimento cheese. Would I come b yes! Why because its reasonable, Something better than fast food, and low carb. We honestly need healthier options in the restaurant biz. I didnt feel weighed down after a meal out you know what i'm talking about. I love how this restaurant came to b (stay at home moms rock) and I feel good supporting a nonchain place(granted she has a bunch of stores now ) but she grew even though someone tried to squash her shine . She kept shining and look where she is 2day!! We need one in the Alabaster area!!! Please come our way ..4 stars is because they had beggers (men) who wanted us to stop and give us a spiel for something they wanted us to buy. That should not b allowed- noone wants to b accosted out of a restaurant and the restaurant is allowing it it seems. This colored my view a smidge hence u get a 4 !!!!


Smoked chicken sandwich was amazing ??

Brian Sponder

Crouisant bread dry and bottom is hard as rock and dried out.. old im guessing.. still edible but barely

Moore Stone

The taste of this salad is so delicious ? I buy it 3 times a week

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