Jersey Mike's Subs

1851 Montgomery Hwy Suite 113, Hoover
(205) 202-3057

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Rod R.

I almost never post a review but The customer service in this place was about the worst experience I think I've had in a fast food place. There was no greeting and the person taking orders, just stared at me until I placed an order. He was visibly ready to go home and the worse part is that he was actually the manager. He was mad he was getting customers. Slamming things around throwing sandwiches together with no pride he was halfway through making my second sandwich when I reached my boiling point. I had to leave with no food and I'll never go Back there again.

Dan S.

First off there is always a metal smell. I don't get it. Secondly, it's closed when they say they're open and lastly, sign on door says online orders only. No walk ins. I'm not sure i understand that logic. I'll drive to the one in alabaster where it's cleaner and smells proper.

Ian Caen

Good food, but a bit more expensive than competitor.Food: 5/5

jerrod burroughs

Stopped by yesterday for the first time and met a woman named jaylen. She was fast and has the best smile! Well done

Beth B.

This is unbelievable, this tall guy that works here just refuses to greet and ask Customers what they want to eat. My wife asked me to come and I always try to get out if it but my boy really wanted to go. Great food but the worst service in Birmingham. I walk in and the guy just stares at me. That's it. I refuse to purchase a anything from this location and I've tried to call you Valerie.

Sidney Carrol

I love this place. Every time I come the workers are super duper nice and they even memorized my order. Jaylen or Jayden is so sweet god bless her

S DeSimone

Absolutely fantastic management And customer care at this location on Hover! Nicely done!

Kristen Frost

Doesn’t even deserve 1 star. Bad customer service, attitude, and harassment.

Kyle Lieberman

Disappointed.The food tasted good.However, they got my order wrong. I asked for extra meat and no cheese. Instead I had cheese and no extra meat. I didn’t find out till I got home, so I wasn’t gonna come back.Sad how they got my order wrong and I ordered it online. Everything was correct on the receipt.Bummer.

stephen soloman

Sanwiches are good as always. Just don't bother ordering ahead. Online orders take a back seat to walk ins. 45 minutes after ordering and 20 minutes after pickup time and still waiting. They have served 3x the number of sandwiches I ordered, to people who walked in after me.

Perren king

Mario and Alicea are consistently outstanding and keep my family returning to this specific Jersey Mike’s location! I meant to send this week but didn’t have the time…Mario ran a pretty tough night shift to perfection and was very patiently giving leadership to a newer team member. His mastery of the menu and ability to recite orders, was beyond impressive…and this is where Alicea steps in!She just took charge of the grill and flowed to the prep area like a true rockstar. Alicea’s pleasant attitude was on the display the entire visit and the product was amazing when I got home!Please reward, recognize, and keep this dynamic duo on as many shifts as possible…Thank you Mario & Alicea ????!

Sabrina M.

Definitely a place you need to try if you're a sandwich lover!!! The bread is fresh and soft and the meats are sliced right there in front of you!! I was impressed with the Philly cheese steaks and will likely continue to order them from here. Hot and made to order with lots of fun toppings to choose from! I will say it is a bit hard to figure out what all sauces/toppings are available because there wasn't a sign listed (not that I could see at least) so if you get menu anxiety like I do this made it a bit tough! I'm planning to research what they offer a bit better before I go next time to really create a perfect sandwich! They also had a great variety of chips to choose from. A bit on the expensive side but yummy and they deliver!

Christopher Pancner

Good customer service, best cheese steak sub I've had in the area.

Dewayne D.

I'm a huge JM fan and have been for years. This location does a good job with sandwhich prep, quality and freshness. Service is also polite, friendly and courteous. Reason for 3 stars is "cleanliness" and it's the easy stuff like wiping down dining tables and sweeping lobby floors. As more people come back to dine in it's imperative and goes a long way with winning customer confidence. Let's get back to basics JM!!

E Brown

I literally just left here, it’s so disappointing when you see so little effort going into making repeat customers continue to be repeat customers. This doesn’t happen every time but it was really disappointing that it happened this time. Order the regular turkey sandwich seems like it was put on the smallest piece of bread that was cut in half. I was literally rushed out of the store sandwich made completely sloppy and the regular subs are roughly $10 without chips or a drink. It’s really ridiculous to have to watch as they shortchange you but you’re still charged full price. Just cut the bread down the middle don’t give me the shorter piece, it’s the little things. Meat barely covers the short piece of bread. Super annoying. Won’t be back at this location. Like I said doesn’t happen often but this is the second time. I’m good, I’ll be going across the street to jimmy John’s from now on.

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