Moe's Original BBQ - Hoover

1031 Brocks Gap Pkwy Ste 191, Hoover
(205) 774-8800

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Ebonie Expressions

My children and I visited this establishment for the first time. My son ordered a catfish sandwich and fries but he did not like the catfish. I asked the waitress if he could swap it out for something else. She tells me that they can not, which would have been fine if that was the restaurant policy, but she began to interrogate him as to why he didn't like the sandwich. She even went as far as to ask him if he had ever ate catfish before...really??? She was being very sarcastic and her tone was very condescending. After all of the unnecessary conversation, she did bring him a pork sandwich and he did request for it to be with sauce on the side. She brings it back out and say HERE is your pork and bun... Needless to say, I will never patronize this business again!

Bill Facella

Food was delicious as always but have the sides gotten smaller? It’s like 4 bites now. Maybe my hands grew.


They have been pretty good in the past. But lately they keep missing items and quality/consistency has gone down. Recently went through the drive through. Ordered 2 wing plates(with sides) and one of the plates only had 4(small) wings and cornbread. $15+tip for 4 wings and a stale piece of cornbread is not worth it. I wouldn't post a review if this was an isolated incident. But this last one kind of pushed things over the edge. Constantly having to check orders and open every plate to ensure things are correct gets old. I may try them again when management can fix the issues.

Fifi W

We ordered catering from Moe’s for an event and it was the easiest, best catering experience! The delivery price just couldn’t be beat and the food was amazing. We recommend this for anyone who would like to cater from Moe’s for an event. Great food and unbeatable price!

brandon barnes

This place is going down hill very fast. I frequently this establishment multiple times a week. The new female general manager is horrendous. Watching her treat her employees like garbage is so upsetting. There’s one real pretty young girl (looks like she could still be in high school) that’s been there for some time now that I witnessed this new lady being so rude and hateful to. She talks to all the employees with disrespect from what I witnessed on my last visit. I will never spend another dollar in this establishment again. And she’s lucky that young girl doesn’t report her for saying the discriminating things she was saying to her. It’s very hard now a days to find good employees that actually work and stick around especially the younger crowd. There’s also a lot of hard working Hispanics that are very nice and work hard that she was threatening to have them deported if they attempted to help the young girl clean. Just sad. Fix it Moe’s


The food was great, but the customer experience was meh. My group watched as two employees loudly argued over some issue with a tablet in front of us. One of them eventually started taking our order, but made comments about our choices with a pretty aggressive tone. He may have been joking, but he didn't sound friendly. As we were waiting for our food, the guy whistled at another customer to come get his order. The whole experience was so uncomfortable that it prompted us to take our order to-go. I recommend making use of their drive-thru, I wish I had just done that.

Denise N.

Chase was so friendly & gave us free banana pudding for dessert. My turkey salad was yummy & lots of it with both red & white BBQ sauce. We tried to bus our trays when leaving, but Chase made us put them back down on the table. Chase even gave the family behind us scraps for their dogs. He said tell people to ask for the French guy! We'll definitely be back, frequently!!!

Nicole P.

The shrimp, catfish, and pulled chicken were amazing. Best hush puppies I've had in a long time too.

Darrell H.

This spot was great. The food is delivered to your table after ordering. I actually sat and the bar and the guy who took my order was also the bar tender. He did an excellent job of working the bar and the register. They have a about 7-8 TV's that you can view from every part if the restaurant. They have a-lot of parking. The smoked wings were pretty damn good and i would most definitely go back for them. The collard greens were just ok. They have an open parking lot for them and other spots in the plaza. All the workers were friendly. This was my first time at Moe's Original and i see they have one in my home city. The food my friends and family had looked great also. They ran out if lemonade and it was only 2:00pm. They didn't change it when i pointed it out to one of the workers but i am pretty sure they did it at some point as they were busy. They have outside patio seating thats not covered but a-lot of people enjoyed eating outside.

Jeff Fisher

First time coming here and I wasn’t disappointed. Food tasted freshly cooked and my family really enjoyed the atmosphere. Would recommend if you never been.

Maria Kilgro

We used Moe's to cater our son's rehearsal dinner and it was great.The food was great as usual along with Antonio that set up everything and took care of us.


Very disappointing.We went through the drive thru to get our eagerly awaited meal.Unfortunately, the sandwiches were cold ,but not as cold as the fries which were cold and soggy.There was no napkins, ketchup or sauce in the bag. Really?A very bad takeout experience overall.

Giovanni Aviles

Delicious and fun venue. Came here for lunch with my coworkers and we all had our food out promptly and they staff was super friendly and engaging. Food was delicious, the wings truly slap those taste buds

Debbie Ireland

So good!!! Best BBQ sandwiches we have had in a long time. If they have black-eyed peas when you go, don't hesitate because they are amazing. Great service! Chase is spectacular and will deliver your food to your table with comedy and a smile. Great experience!

Judy A.

I love bbq ribs and I'm always looking for a good ribs place. If you know of one in the Birmingham area, please let me know! The food was okay but nothing memorable. After eating here, we went to Tre Luna and.... we wished we had gone there instead !!! Tre Luna is in the same plaza as Moe's.

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