Mr Chen's Authentic Chinese Cooking

1917 Hoover Ct, Hoover
(205) 824-8283

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Nicki Sidwell

Best Chinese food in town! Wonderful service, and the food is always fresh. Nice cozy vibe. Highly recommend!

David Malone

Meal was delicious we had sweet and sour chicken and rice and I normally not much rice eater but rice was moist and great with the chicken..Will be back fir sure..Parking: It in a strip mall so parking fair has few spots near door

LaTrenda H.

This use to be my go to place pre-pandemic for Chinese food. I especially liked their seafood soup and ordered it often (big container large enough for 2 or 3 ppl). However, today my view has changed... the soup was awful. So much so that I took it back and complained that there was no seafood and loaded with black pepper. Supposedly, they made it over and I happy. I get home and it's the same dang soup with 1 jumbo shrimp. Not acceptable! The entree was not to the quality that I'm use to, but it was edible. The soup was trash!

Lee J

Mr. Chen’s is the best Chinese I’ve had! Their curry chicken is seasoned to perfection! They have the BEST egg drop soup I’ve ever had. Most of all, they’re friendly and happy to make changes to their menu items if you have a special diet.

Nolan C

Probably the best Chinese food in Hoover! I always get the braised pork! The spare ribs are wonderful as well. The appetizers are hot and fresh, we usually get egg rolls and soup too. They don't stick you with stale crispy noodles for the soup either. Haven't had anything bad from there yet, Kung Pow chicken is a recurring order. The staff is quick and very professional. It's a great restaurant and easy to get to. Call ahead!

Max Jay Weston

Would be a 5 star rating if they still offered inside dining. Quality of food is excellent, especially the Chicken with Blackbean sauce. Now that the "pandemic" has subsided, they really need to go back to business as usual by offering dining inside. It used to be a great dining experience.

Alice LaGrone

Mr Chens is a regular visit for our family. They are tasty and fast. It’s best to order things you aren’t as familiar with. My favorite dish is fish filet in Black bean sauce. Other family favorites are Basil Chicken, Dry pot, house Lo mein, and more. We were grateful for them through COVID!

Jonathan P.

Good food! Good service! I would recommend this place to any one! Me and my father both enjoy! Thank you

Allison C.

Best Chinese in Hoover! Chicken in dry pod and spicy pork with cilantro are fantastic! They do good versions of our American Chinese choices - Mongolian chicken, etc. our kids love chicken lo neon but no veggies - they always accommodate. very efficient and friendly!

Tonya Scott

Orange chicken had no flavor actually looked like it was pre packaged chicken with sauce poured over it. Rice was gooey the hot an sour soup was horrible nothing but onions.. 2star was pushing it the Fortune cookies was the best part!!??‍♀️

Belle Walker

Absolutely the best veggie fried rice I've ever had! Fresh broccoli, snow pea pods, mushrooms, peas........wonderful!

Dee Witsiepe

Just moved back to Hoover after being in the Atlanta area for a few years, and had to get an order from Mr Chen’s. Our favorite when we were here, and the Chinese takeout in Georgia was nowhere near as good. Not only just as good as I remember, but even better! Will be back soon

Namy N.

Just ordered a seafood hot and sour soup, side rice, and mango strawberry slush to deliver to my Hotel. The soup is terrible quality. It is called seafood hot and sour for 2, yet I found only 2 Shrimp in the soup with tofu, mushroom, bamboo shoots, invitation crab (fake crab), but there is no other seafood in the soup. They gave a bag of crispy wonton skin without sweet and sour dipping sauce. The food cost with tax is $18.10+ Delivery fee 5.99+service fee 1.50$+ gave 15% tip==} total cost 28.80$ to get a terrible soup I ever had.

Steve Simmons

Worst Chinese food ever. Rice was dry and gooey. Chicken Broccoli was soggy and in a goop. Wife and I ate a small amount and threw it away. I can eat almost anything.

Todd Bickerstaff

Never had pale white pork fried rice before. It was tasteless at best. The egg roll tasted like chewing tin foil.The staff not friendly at all. Got the feeling they didn't want to be there and that they really didn't want you there.You couldn't pay me enough money to go back there

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Mr Chen's Authentic Chinese Cooking

1917 Hoover Ct, Hoover, AL 35226
(205) 824-8283