Saltgrass Steak House

2943 John Hawkins Pkwy, Hoover
(205) 988-9145

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Joseph Barron

Absolutely unbelievable quality for the price. Great service nice atmosphere but the taste and flavors is the best part. Wow Wish we had one of these back home

Yolanda Davis

Was dying to try since they opened. In my opinion, they're just okay. My steak was overcooked when I asked for medium well. My magarita tasted like no alcohol was in it. Informed the waitress AND ordered a tequila shot to pour in it that I was charged full price for. I don't expect mistakes from restaurants that charge big prices but that's just my opinion. I might or might not try again, if I do it won't be the same location.


Traveling this week and stopped here for steaks and desert. Forgot what to expect as I haven’t been to a Saltgrass in a very long.Quickly sat down and drink orders came out just as fast. Food was very well cooked to request and our server was solid. Overall, this was a better than expected visit with a clean location and prompt/accurate service.

Jebb Harrison

Good place to eat highly recommend

Bryan Geer

Well, it took me 36 years, but I’m leaving my first negative review… ever…We waited for an embarrassingly long amount of time at the host station, which apparently is just there to look fancy and block you from seeing into the promised land. After looking around the restaurant, a server came out to us. After making eye contact with me, he looked down to his watch, read a text, swiped left, then turned and grabbed some menus. Weird greeting but we finally, we got someone to help us… but with out a word he turns and runs back to the lucky few who were already seated. My family turned and laughed to each other and left. So I can’t tell you how good or bad the food is, we apparently aren’t their type.Maybe the servers work on a tinder type system and he swiped left on us and not a text… little did we know we had to wait to get matched with a new server and pray they swiped right. All in all Culver’s was pretty good, I suggest the Wisconsin melt, 5 stars.

Kyle Lyles

It's was as good as OK gets. Staff was friendly, the music was very texas, and the prices were fair. The food was cooked well, there was just nothing that was WOW about any of it.

Bill La

Steak was flavorful, cooked to perfection, and was delicious. Sides and soup were tasty. Service was excellent. Our server, Asia, was awesome and checked on us regularly. Nice atmosphere.

John Webster

Hate to post a negative review , came over from the hospital to pick food up for sick wife. The bartender who helped with my to go order was very nice . The food not so much !!! The steak was over cooked, regardless the texture and taste was like eating Dinty Moore Beef stew meat. I can eat just about anything being in the Army 30 years, but for me this was a no go!!!

Wes J.

Great food and good service. Steaks were cooked to correct temps. Only slight complaint was the air conditioner didn't seem to be working - but that could happen anywhere anytime.

Ranita S.

Didn't think I would like this place but I did! It was spacious and grand. Very big Texas vibes here. Food was good and our waiter was attentive. They were busy but every thing came out great and on time. Prices were fairer than I thought it was. This place is a chain and like an elevated Outback. Portions for the appetizers were huge and shareable. My sister and I split the 16 oz rib eye and our waiter brought out two salads and our steaks were pre split. This is kind thing places do for patrons but not every place does it. They did. The onion rings are a must

Suzanne P.

I got the steak salad and I loved it! My daughter loved hers too. Awesome staff! Traditional cowboy style sit down.

Nate Fansler

Most disappointing steak of the decade. I don't go to many chain restaurants but, I was told that SaltGrass was a premium version of the cowboy theme restaurants, so I was open to trying it. I ordered a Ribeye cooked to medium and it came out as Well Done. The steak seemed more like a sirloin in quality than a ribeye. The whole steak menu tends to lean towards the more expensive steaks being huge rather than of a better quality. I really don't care to eat huge steak to get a better cut. This place does not deserve the premium cost over a texas roadhouse or even logans.

Michelle B.

We decided to go to Saltgrass for dinner last night - we have birthday rewards to use through the Landry membership and have been wanting to give Saltgrass a try ever since we moved to the area. Overall the food was similar to an Outback Steakhouse or Applebees. We ordered the following: * Loaded Potato Soup - oddly pureed base (heavy on carrots) with large chunks of potato. Wouldn't order again * Ceasar Salad - overdressed for my liking, but the croutons were delicious * Wedge Salad ($4.49 up-charge) - light on the dressing (asked the server for additional blue cheese, but it never came). Was good but not good enough for the large up-charge * Double-bone pork chop - was seasoned well, but butterflied... so really 2 single boned pork chops rather than a double-boned chop * Chicken Lardeo (2 in the party ordered this dish) - 1 felt as though the chicken was over cooked and rubbery while the other really enjoyed the mix of flavors and experience The service experience was really strange... here's what happened: 1. We were served our soup/salad, but without utensils. Our server didn't notice but when we flagged her down she rolled her eyes and went to the host stand to get some utensils... but then seated other guests before returning to our table with the rolled utensils. There were 2 hosts when we arrived, so it's hard to believe that there wasn't anyone to greet new guests and set them. 2. Our server had a full set of tables but also seemed to be training as bartender (this is just a guess based on what we observed), so when a drink order would come in she would drop her tables and go behind the bar to look through the book on how to make a drink, make it (sometimes have to pour it out and start again). This led to us having to wait upwards of 10 minutes for items that were mid-service (our credit-card to be run, etc.)

Colleen R.

We showed up with twenty five hungry baseball players and parents on a Friday night right in the middle of the dinner rush and the manager of Saltgrass was over the top accommodating not only to get us all seated, but seated together! The wait staff took wonderful care of us, and everyone's checks at the end of the night were accurate - no easy feat! I had the chimichurri steak with sautéed mushrooms and green beans - everything was perfectly cooked and seasoned. My husband and son also enjoyed their steaks. Also, here we are in the heart of Alabama and the manager was kind enough to turn the TVs to the UT Vols game for us! Thanks for taking such great care of our crew - we will definitely be back next time we're playing ball in Hoover!

Ricky Buchanan

Decent atmosphere, good food and better service. Prices are a bit high in my opinion for what you get but not outrageous. The restaurant was clean and well staffed.

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