Shonos Restaurant

1843 Montgomery Hwy # 107, Hoover
(205) 988-3319

Recent Reviews

Mayank B

Fantastic Japanese food that feels homemade, filling, and delicious. A mom and pop shop with a simple menu. The miso soup, dumplings, and chicken entree were the best in Hoover.Food: 5/5


The chicken entrée was delectable. We also loved the dumplings and the miso soup! A definite stop by for light, tasty and affordable Japanese food.

David Newsome

Quick service and inexpensive, tasty food. Haven't had anything there that we didn't like. It's a good go-to place if you don't want to cook at home and want a casual meal without fancy restaurant decor.

Emily Depew

The food is amazing!! I personally get the white rice and chicken!

Bill Fortenberry

Definitely not fine dining but a good spot for quick, inexpensive Japanese food. We were disappointed to find that they do not offer sushi, and all of the meals that we ordered had a bit too much sauce. The flavor was pretty good, however, and the service was okay. If we lived closer, we might eat there again, but it's a bit of a drive for us, and Hoover has several Japanese restaurants that provide a better experience.

John Rait

Excellent food. Fast and friendly service. I'll be coming back here as much as possible.

Vince Patterson

Steak bowl was glorious! Nice quick lunch, very filling and great flavor for such a simple dish. Also the sweet tea is crazy good!

Liv R.

Delicious! We ate here for the first time this evening and it was wonderful! We will definitely be returning.

Jonathan B.

Try to make it here every time I'm back in Birmingham from Austin TX. Best of the best.

Justyn C.

I want to give this a 4.7 / 5 ONLY because it's a little pricey. (These 3 items were $52) But I couldnt because The portions were pretty good the quality is amazing The egg rolls are out of this world (I wasn't a fan of the sauce that comes with it but my gf loved it) And surprisingly it was all ready super fast! I would highly recommend this place I just wish they would lower their price a little bit But thank you for the great food

Shannon m

Very good. I will definitely go again. Very convenient location in Hoover, and reasonably priced.

John M.

Shonos Japanese Grill is located in the Plaza at Rivetchase shopping plaza and is a small restaurant that offers a pretty solid meal. I came here with two clients for a business lunch and the one clients was raving about this place. He insisted that it was probably the best Japanese style Hibachi he found in the area. He also insisted that we all try an egg roll. He said that they were incredible. The egg rolls were indeed pretty spectacular, possibly the best egg roll that I have had in the southeastern United States. For my entree I had what they called Eddie's Special. I will say that this was also I genuinely excellence entree. The food came out very fast, possibly too fast. But they never rushed us as we sat and talked after we finished our meal. In fact, they kept replenishing are soft drink orders. All in all, I would definitely recommend heading here. The prices are pretty good and the food is definitely great.

Win Sein

Mom and pop's restaurant. The food was good. Portion is good. A little pricey but great overall. I got the Eddie's Special. It came with chicken & beef stir fried with some onions, cabbage. The sauce is teriyaki based and delicious. Side salad with ginger based dressing.

Samuel Kent

Try the Eddie's Special. It may just change your life.Also, the dumplings are good.

Aiden B.

This hole-in-the-wall restaurant would probably land a spot in some of my favorite restaurants that I have been to. It's honestly hard to even notice this place, as it doesn't stand out whatsoever. The inside is rather basic too but the food speaks for itself. I always get the "Eddies Special" which is what I would recommend to anyone visiting here, it is by far the most popular dish. The meal itself is a plate of rice, veggies, and meat. It might seem basic but everything has an enormous amount of umami. I honestly have no clue how something so simple is so delicious. One of the biggest standouts here though is their homemade sauce...I will drench my food in the sauce and it doesn't overpower any flavors, it just adds even more flavor. If you have never been here, just go. I introduced a family member to here and they have gone back here 4 times within 2 weeks, which speaks for itself.

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