5184 Caldwell Mill Rd Unit 201, Hoover
(205) 437-3379

Recent Reviews

Forrest Horne

Best subway I’ve been to in Alabama . Clean and 100 health score

Bailee Perry

This is by far the cleanest Subway I have ever been to and they have a 100 health rating. The staff is the same when I’ve gone there in the past few months and they are always friendly and fast. It’s my favorite Subway in town and my food has been consistently hot and fresh. I hope they keep up the good work!

Warren Crow

Revisited this place yesterday. Love the renovation! Always great quick sandwich. To close to my neighborhood to skip over. I’ll add it back to my list of staple meals!

Kim C

Horrible. I believe the turkey and ham being used is Wal-Mart brand Great Value thin sliced deli meat. The woman services me didn’t know what was included in a kids meal and tried to cheat me of my child’s drink and cookie. Another associate had to come over to assist with getting the order correct. Neither of the sandwiches were made in the manner I requested. She was VERY sparse with veggies. I wasn’t asking for an overload, but just the regular amount that could be expected. She didn’t hesitate to pile the lettuce on though. Will not recommend.

James Wilson

Got a coupon in the mail for a $5.99 foot long sub. Got my sub all set up in the app. Went to check out and got a message "This restaurant is not participating in this promotion". Selected another location and the coupon worked. I guess they will be getting my future business.To the owner: your subs are OK but they are not worth $10.

George Barnett

Excellent location for lunch. Well staffed and clean.

komal pinjani

Very Poor service. Manager is not present here. The lady they have hired is fairly new and just doesn’t understand normal English. She is very rude. Place is very untidy. Restaurant is not even clean. They have a lot of pans & dishes lying that are not clean and lady is asking me to go to some other subway location as she has a lot of things to do like making bread and cleaning dishes. Food is uncovered. She is telling me that Manager will come at 11:30 and I should either go to some other location or come back at 11:30. Pathetic service.

Michael Miller

1 out of 10 YALL Get a 9.5 VERY CLEAN STORE!!! Very,Very Friendly Employees!!! Fresh Food Made exactly the way I ask Of employees!!! Keep up the Awesomeness/Will B Back!!!!!

coronavirus 2020

it's good healthy food for a good price

William Holden

Great attitudeClean and quick!

Steven Hughes

Beware doing an online order. They gave mine away and are now giving me the run around about it. These two guys are completely incopetent.


The guys that work here are very pleasant and have the best customer service. My food is always made exactly the way I ask them.

Kevin Canada

First of all the employees were too nice and friendly. I’m a tourist from Canada and was traveling through hoover. It was my second stop at this subway restaurant. Best sandwich I have ever had in my life. I recommend this subway restaurant. Employees and owners were too good and they care about their customers.


Half of my order was right and half of it wasn't. Then, when I called to let him know, he had an attitude. He didn't put mustard nor cheese on my mom's STEAK AND CHEESE sandwich; nor did he toast it or put mustard as requested. Also, on my Ham and Cheese, it was missing the banana peppers and jalapeno peppers. These sandwich were not made with the proper attention and care that they should've received. I am highly disappointed in the customer service that I received tonight!

Sarah Christie

I do a lot of online orders. Food is always correct and completed on time! Very friendly staff! Would recommend this location to anyone!!a

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