Super Chix - Hoover

1024 Marble Terrace Suite#102 Suite 102, Hoover
(205) 538-5217

Recent Reviews

Janiece Gaines

Definitely impressed! I was pleased with the portions, quality, and flavor of the food. This is not a fast food restaurant (though they do get your order to you pretty quickly ?). Everything is fresh and light, but very flavorful. I rarely get full from sandwiches and fries but this was a harty meal. The service was a pleasure as well. All of the employees had a welcoming, energetic, pleasant demeanor and seemed to eager to provide service. It's a nice spot to watch sports, meet with friends or family and eat quality food without breaking the bank.

Barbara Bergman

Our first time visit was perfect. The food is incredible and the service and servers actually smile and are right there to assist. We can't wait to return this evening. The avocado, bacon sandwich was the " best". Best French fries we ever had.

Kristina Hegstrom

Very nice staff. Food was great. This was our first time here! I recommend trying all the sauces!

Larry Ash

The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful.

Abigail L.

Very good! Love the service and the food is excellent as well.

Jennifer Rubsam Lipe

Amazing customer service!!! They make you want to keep coming back!! Thank you for having great food and a great atmosphere!!!

Fernando Gerke

Customer service was great the chicken was awesome their national hot was amazing their blacking Cajun chicken was great to services great clean bathrooms


Food was excellent, staff was friendly and restrooms were super clean! Definitely recommend this place!!

P S.

Nashville Hot chicken sandwich is great as well as the Cajun fries. Custard was also very good. Good value for the $ but not fast food cheap. Service was good and quick. Been numerous times and this is major go-to for my wife and I. Can't get enough.

Deon Wills

This. Place. Is. AWESOME!!! Great staff and wonderful food???

Colby Johnson

Excellent restaurant with great service and even better food. If you don’t mind a little bit of spicy, get the Nashville hot salad. Staff is always friendly and prices aren’t bad for the quality. Definitely in my top 5 list of favorite restaurants.


Chicken was delicious! The salad was large and delicious. Sauces were fun to try. Staff was very attentive and friendly.


Great food and great service. Everyone was very nice and helpful! Plenty of people keeping the restaurant clean. Multiple refills from the friendly staff! Will be back.

Kimberly Haynes

This was our fourth visit here. This time I got the Asian inspired salad with grilled chicken. I added some of the korean bbq sauce to it as well for some heat and it was delicious.The loaded fries are great and the rosemary pepper just adds another level of deliciousness.Don't sleep on the custard either. So good

Kara Jacobs

This is our second visit to Super Chix! The food has been delicious both times. I got the Buffalo ranch salad while my husband got the grilled chicken sandwich. Along with the food, the service has been outstanding. Both times, the employees have been so kind and always have a smile on their face!

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