Unagi Bento and Sushi

2539 John Hawkins Pkwy Suite 141, Hoover
(205) 490-6991

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shamyria bester

This restaurant is very nice, I go here all the time they have great customer service. I love there mega rolls and the have delicious crab angels. I have tried multiple items on there menu and have never been unsatisfied! Thank you guys I appreciate you all!!

Spencer Hedges

My family has dined at Unagi 5 or 6 times. While we are not sushi experts or "foodies" we have seen large parts of the world and eaten in many fine restaurants (some expensive some not). We're looking for good food that is appropriately priced and served in a reasonable setting. The food at Unagi has been excellent every time we have visited. Fresh, tasty, sushi, sashimi, bento etc. There were also good choices for a daughter who doesn't eat fish.

David R.

Tried the Bang Bang shrimp, Shrimp tempura roll and fried rice with yummy sauce. Everything came out quickly with friendly service. I will be back!

Summer Fiut

We have fallen in love with this restaurant! Everything on their menu is delicious and freshly made. The waiters always have great advise when we have questions about anything on the menu or can't decide which we want to try. Because it's all so good! They have awesome service! Always so kind, friendly and fast. They are the best! Check out their reward system too!

Natasha S.

I placed a pick up order for Shrimp Teriyaki Bento Box. It came with Soup, Salad, Sushi, Dumplings, Shrimp and Fried Rice. I also asked for hot sauce and they gave a side of Sriracha and charged me 75 cents for this. I was going home and could've just gotten my own but whatever. Now after reading raving reviews, I had great expectations. The food was underwhelming. The shrimp were subpar and the fried rice were dry and hard. The California roll was fine. I don't think this was good at all. I was a bit disappointed.

Bettye Wright

Tonight we took a chance and went to Unagi Bento and Sushi after having seen them on Fox 6.Y’all, if you haven’t been to Unagi Bento and Sushi, you should! Super low key, the owner, Ida, is absolutely the nicest and the food-whew- the food is pretty phenomenal! The staff is super nice too. This is for sure going to be a repeat place! #mynewfavorite #unagibentoandsushi #willbebacksoonThank you Ida for a really nice dinner for our date night. We will be back for sure!Sincerely, Dwayne and Kim!


I ordered spring rolls (really good.) I also ordered the teriyaki hibachi chicken. The soup was bland. The ginger salad was delicious. The fried rice and veggies were really good,but the chicken was very salty. I may ask for the teriyaki sauce on the side next time.The wait time for the food was long; however, the waitresses are polite and courteous.

Reed B.

I went here for some bomb sushi and they delivered. I seen the comments about the fresh sushi and I must say very very fresh and good I loved everything I got. I mainly wanted some sashimi this is why I chose this spot. The prices are right and the food is awesome!! The service was also so wonderful they make sure your taken care of and very polite. If you get the sashimi get the surf clam I loved it and never had it before. I ended up going small stuff to try multiple things and was not disappointed by one thing. I got the Kushi Katsu it was fried to perfection and tender plus the sauce like crack idk what's in it but wow. I also got the tempura shrimp roll also spot on the sashimi was exactly what I had been craving. I love the the surf clam but each piece was perfect. I must say I will be back wish we had more places serving food this good! Next time we go bento they looked so good.

Madison Thornbury

Fantastic food. I have a dairy allergy and our server Ruka took it very seriously and made sure all my sauces were dairy free, disclosed anything that had dairy in it, and made sure nothing was cooked in butter. It was so refreshing to feel confident in the food, plus it was so so good! Didn’t leave anything on my plate. I got the hibachi steak

Lori Gooden

I started ordering from the menu and stopped and ask Ram, my server if there was a lunch menu. He said yes and gave it to me. When I got my sushi, I got the 1st order from the regular menu—after I had put it down and started ordering from the lunch menu, AND sushi from the LUNCH MENU. You can’t tell me any server is that dense. I ordered the child meal for my granddaughter and asked for the steak to be on the side. It tasted horrible. Actually, it had no taste except OLD. I ordered the salmon bento to go for my daughter. That is the picture on the left below. The owner asked how we wanted it cooked and I said, “Not burned”. It can me already boxed. As you can see on left, the rice is brown and old and the two slivers of salmon are dried up burned. This was $14.00. Sixty-two dollars later we are praying we don’t get food poisoning. The rice on the right was the rice served in the restaurant which was actually fresh. Don’t know how they have a 4.7 rating when we and two other people were the only ones there at noon after church.

Faith A.

Really good food for good prices! The bento boxes are great. The sushi is 4/5 stars for me, a little too much rice but it's still good.

Just M.

I'm sorry, the folks that gave this place rave reviews clearly have no idea what real Japanese food is. We decided to give this place a try and ordered a couple of bentos for take out. Everything was wrong, obviously the chef(s) (if you want to call them that) are clueless on what Japanese cuisine is. First off we opted for white steamed rice instead of fried, because fried rice is not traditionally served in a bento. The rice was dry which is usually a sign that it's old and has been sitting in a warmer too long; minus a star. One of the meals we ordered was the shrimp tempura bento. The fried shrimp provided was not tempura but battered in panko bread crumbs - which is called an "ebi fry", not the same as tempura! And even then it was overly battered. In addition there was no tempura dipping sauce provided. Both meals received a small cup of sauce that was included with the fried pot sticker, it was not tempura sauce. Minus another star. The meal came with a mystery soup that looked to be a dark clear broth mushroom soup. It was very salty and unpalatable, down the sink drain. Where is the miso soup!? In addition, the ginger salad dressing included with the salad had the consistency of water, blech! Minus another star. Also included with the bento was a small California roll. Again the rice was bad, it was dry and did not have the light rice vinegar taste you'd expect with sushi. After the freshness of the ingredients, rice is the next most important thing when making sushi. The poor quality of the California roll is a very clear indicator that this place does not know how to do sushi the right way. Minus a star. If you want good sushi check out O'Sushi up the street in the Grove Shopping center. The prices are a little higher but they know how to make sushi the right way. Although Birmingham has improved over the years in offering more diverse ethnic cuisine options, it still has a long way to go with regards to Japanese food. Because many folk here have no clue on what authentic Japanese food is, "imposter" restaurants like these are able to get away with serving subpar quality yet get rave reviews on online platforms like Yelp.

Taryn Crain Dodge

Had an amazing date night with my husband! The food was awesome, service fantastic and we even got to have great conversations with the incredible owner of this up and coming restaurant! Thanks for such a wonderful evening Ida and Ruka!!

Alec D.

The sushi was great, the portions were outstanding, and the service was top notch! Sushi lovers should get the mega roll, absolutely fantastic!

Rab Stewart

We come to this restaurant almost weekly. The food is delicious. Every sushi roll is exceptional. The service is unmatched. The entire staff and owner are welcoming and accommodating. We are lucky to have a restaurant like this in Hoover.

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