La Marina

105 Holman St, Leesburg
(256) 526-7168

Recent Reviews

Richard Manning

Really good food. Good size portions. Good quality and quantity for your money. Clean restaurant. Very friendly and attentive staff.

Eric Crabtree

Best Mexican food in the area! Menu full of tasty choices and great service!

Damon Mackey

Service is wonderful. The food is great. The owner asked how he could make the food better. He wants to keep improving.

Nicole Howard

Cute little place. Excellent food, service, prices and portions.

Dottie Smith

Food was delicious and hot service was great but of course we went at 11 a.m. before it got busy one of us ordered a meal that needed tortillas and it said on the menu. It came with four he got three when the waitress came to the table she told him he could only have three more and he had to pay for them seems like they would have given him one more since the order called for 4 to begin with butt inflation inflation inflation it was good and we will go back

Maritza Mata

The food was okay, it was just the service was very off. They were understaffed, but when my fiancé and I first went in, it wasn’t really busy. When we got our food, our server forgot to give us silverware so we asked and she brought me my spoon I requested, but completely forgot to get my fiancé hers. I waited to eat in case she passed by again to check on us to ask for another spoon, but she didn’t. Another server (I’m guessing) was refilling another’s tables drinks and stared right at my fiancé and I as we were still just sitting there waiting, we made eye contact, but didn’t come over either. (I didn’t want to call her over from the other side of the room). I gave my fiancé my spoon and I ate my tacos since we were sitting there a while and our food was getting cold. (I had tacos and rice) it wasn’t until we were basically done eating when our server came back to check on us. She did get me another spoon since my rice was still untouched. (Rice was very dry) I feel like our visit could’ve been better. Might come back to give it another chance.

Amanda Larimore

The chicken was the best I've ever had a Mexican restaurant! Shrimp was great!! Rice was good as well. Cheese dip was average, salsa tasted like it had poured out of a jar from the store. Service was terrible. Though I have to say for the amount of servers I could tell some were at least trying. Just inside I counted 9 tables occupied, one table had 12 people. I think there was one 1 waitress & 2 guys helping her, another waitress had outside tables (she sat around alot while we were there & there were customers seated at the tables outside.) Overall it was ok. We may be back. Hopefully the service will be better next time as that was the biggest issue. Pictured was the Leesburg special & a seafood dish with fish, shrimp & crab. We also ordered rice & cheese dip

Susanna Miguel

Great food and drinks ? ? ??

Emmanuella Francis

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Dana McDonald

Food was okay and hot. Service was fast. Bottled beer wasn't great. Beer seemed to have been hot and rechilled, changing the taste. Reordered draft and it wasn't horrible.

Jaken Scott

Fast friendly service. I like the atmosphere. Good size portions too. I order takeout from there alot and it's always hot and ready to go.

Katie Taylor

The food is great! Very fresh! I would recommend this restaurant to anyone in the area. Compared to the other Mexican restaurants nearby, this one is the best.

Patricia Elaine

Great service! Quick and accommodating! The food is DELICIOUS! Would recommend over and over again!

Khrischell Harrison

Definitely some of the freshest food around! Also offers a great and friendly staff! Highly recommend!

James Scales

The food is pretty good but the price's are just comical. I had 2 margaritas and 1 taco my tab was $42.00 absolutely a joke!! Will never go back.

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