Post Office Pies

270 Rele St, Mountain Brook
(205) 848-2092

Recent Reviews

Ty Reed

Always great pizza at Post Office Pies. Our server was incredibly friendly. Fresh ingredients and a great crust.

Chase M.

Decent pizza and salad for a night in while staying the night in the area on the way to the beach the next day. 12 inch pizza was a good size for 2 of us to share. Their red wine vinaigrette salad dressing was nice and creamy. Good food overall!

Virginia B.

Yum! Had four different types of pizzas and all were excellent. Flavorful and crust was perfect, not chewy or soggy. Can't wait to go back!

Haley Thomaston

Love post office pies! Been my favorite pizza place in Birmingham for years!!! It has shown me that a sunny side up egg can elevate a pizza…BUT WHY…why must the price of an egg go up by $2 in a matter of a few months. I sat debating today whether I should pay $3 for an egg on pizza when I can buy a dozen at the store. I understand the consequences of inflation, don’t get me wrong, but make it make sense, people. Can I bring my own egg for you to put on my pizza?? 10/10 pizza overall. 11/10 with an egg. Will continue to frequent this establishment.

Bob Opkins

Pizza was ok, very little sauce, not many mushrooms. Chicken on pizza was good. Staff very good

Leah Stone

I was in town for a night and decided to grab a bite here. By far some of the best pizza I’ve ever had!!

Wyatt E.

Amazing lil spot, great choice after spending time at the zoo. Great service and awesome pizza.

Robert Lynn Brewer

It’s a great place for the family to eat dinner at and the staff is awesome

Jamie R.

Just enjoyed a great meal at Post Office Pies! I wasn't sure what to expect because the reviews are quite mixed, both about food and service. I've been going to the Avondale location since it opened and was excited to try this new location. We were greeted by a staff member behind the bar when we entered. He explained there were menus on each table, but they would be offering counter service for ordering. This is how it has always been at the other location as well so it was what I expected. We ordered the Caesar salad (smaller size- we were able to share it as an app though for two people). We also got the Mac and cheese and a cheese pizza (large). They are now offering vegan cheese, gluten free crusts and veggie pasta (see menu picture) as well which is great for those who need different options. Our salad came out quickly and was perfect. Just the right amount of dressing for me. My husband (who doesn't necessarily love salads) commented that he really enjoyed it. Simple but done well. Our pasta and pizza took longer to prepare (maybe 15 minutes) which I expected since they are making everything to order. Pasta was a good portion and was creamy - might could have used a touch more salt but that's a personal preference. Pizza had just the right amount of cheese and I love the addition of fresh basil! The crust was perfectly done! I don't always get dessert out with dinner, but they had a lemon cake special of the day and I had to say yes! It was a pound cake consistency. Fresh and bright! All of our staff interactions were pleasant and the food was delicious and on par with what I expect from Post Office Pies! Great local restaurant we love supporting! I know everyone has different experiences, but our entire visit we had great service and the staff was working so hard and had great attitudes!

Rosalyn Ford

Odd some people where seated, some not,some tables had waiters come over to have ordered taken, some tables had to walk-up to the bar area to place their order. Some tables got drinks refill often, some table had to walk to the corner and refill their own drinks. This was done with an ice scooper open area of ice,who know what is own people hands.....I know this was lot be something was very off this day. We where a dine in with 6 people. And all where takes a back.

Karen Day

Great service and good recommendations on what to order. Gorgeous outdoor area. Love their vinegrette dressing and BBQ white sauce.

Megan Cook

Our food was absolutely fantastic! My boys thought it was some of the best pizza they’ve ever had! Goat cheese on my house salad was so good!

Jeremy Allen

I heard Post Office Poes had a gluten free pizza, so I went to check it out at lunch. I ordered take out and took it back to work and started to eat it and I thought this is the best GF pizza I have ever eaten, then it hit me that it was too good to be true. I called and they assured me it was in fact GF. They offered to make me another one. I went back up there and they took a look and sure enough it was in fact GF. So they were gracious and didn’t call me a idiot. Sorry for the hassle and hope to see you soon.

lee t.

First the atmosphere was pleasant with tv and an open kitchen. We ordered 2 pizza they were average at best, watery and under cooked. One of the pizza that was very small as pictured that suppose to be large , I asked to see the manager. I explained to the manager both pizza suppose to be large she said that she would remake it and left with the pizza. She the a manger returned again with the pizza and said that is a large a refused to remake as she promised. She then proceeded to take out a tape measure to measure the pizza , unbelievable I couldn't even imagine what she was doing . Note the pictures is that a large pizza and see the slice half the length of the fork. She was rude unprofessional and condescending towards me. I controlled myself and said nothing at that point and just ate it. Before I left I asked to see her again and the waitress said she had already left for the night and it was only 8:45 , being the manager and leaving at that time no way!!!

Dori Johnston

BEWARE OF THIS PLACE IF YOU HAVE FOOD ALLERGIES!!!Our pizza arrived with basil plopped on the top of it. Mind you their menu has no mention of basil being used on it at all, nor did we order it. I bought it to one of the attendants attention and told her I didn't ask for basil and that I can't eat it. She reluctantly took the pizza back to what I thought was remake it. She promptly returned with it having no basil. I asked did you just pull it off. She responded yes, but I put some more parmesan on it. After you try it, if you can taste it I can get it remade. I'm allergic to me I can taste it. If i wanted it just pulled off I could have done that. She disappeared and didn't reemerge until my partner had eaten what he wanted. I brought it to her attention that her disregard for my request could have killed me. She rolled her eyes and the fella at the register laughed. FOOD ALLERGIES ARE SERIOUS AND CAN BE LIFE THREATENING!!!It really was a shame because he said the pizza was really good but the basil taste killed the flavor of a good pizza.

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