1930 Cahaba Rd, Mountain Brook
(205) 870-8404

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BruceQC Hamilton

Excellent food and attentive service. However, one entree did not arrive until dinner was almost over. The appetizer was served with the entree.

Terrell Williamson

The atmosphere and food here is great. One of few places I've actually enjoyed all courses of the meal.Parking: Depending on how crowded the area is, parking could become a slight issue.

joel donald

Great outdoor dining experience . Service and food were good. We sat outside with 4 people. Good ambience. I would definitely go back.

Timothy Gawne

Fantastic atmosphere on the patio, friendly service, adequate food. When the weather permits Vino has about the nicest patio in the city for dinner (inside to me is like a jail, although the enclosed bar is OK). Food is not up to par with the best restaurants in the area, but good enough given a nice bottle of wine and a wonderful setting. Bring back the Frito Misto appetizer that was big enough for an entree!


Great wedding rehearsal and service was great.....check it out, u will not be disappointed. .......

Elizabeth a.

Wonderful food. Have to say that the Orange beach breeze martini is the only thing that took a point off. Absolutely bland!

Anne R

The food is so good, plenty of vegetarian options with the small plates. However, the real winners are the cocktails and the outdoor seating. Highly recommend!

Sonia Scalf

We had reservations tonight to eat outside and order drinks and a my martini came without olives and our waitress said oh I’m sorry they should’ve put olives with that. Take about 10 minutes to get Olives and more red sauce for crab claws. We ordered fish and was told it was the redfish which was a flaky fish and Amberjack was brought out instead. I also ordered a bowl with grouper and artichokes and had a half of an artichoke in whole bowl.

LeeAnn Horn

My husband and I ate here on a Saturday night and the outside atmosphere was very romantic with tree lights and white table linens. We had oysters and the artichoke dip…yummy! Then we had the Mediterranean and strawberry/walnut salads…again amazing ? For our main course my husband ordered the hangar steak, which was delicious and I ordered the tenderloin medallions, which should have been great but the temperature was wrong. They made it up and comp’d the order, so that was great!All in all, a great place for date night and we’ll go again!

Tokyo Blues Man

My wife and I went there for the first time - it was a reception.Seemed like a very nice place.They had appetizers like calamari, baked cauliflower in some sauce, baked vegetables on a stick, artichoke dip, canapés, etc,, etc. Everything was delicious and has very nice atmosphere that we’re thinking about going back on a date night.

Samira Ferraz

It was really good. We came in 4 persons and as appetizers we ordered a cheese board and a Mercer Cabernet Sauvignon. After that, I ordered a stuffed artichoke with basil linguini and my husband ordered the capelleti vino which was divine. To finish the night we ordered a delicious tiramisu. The restaurant is nice and the outside part is really lovely. The staff were all very friendly and we were very happy with the service.

Lewis Harris

Went here to pick up someone's food and was literally cornered at the door by two ladies who asked me, "do you have a reservation?" With the way they rushed to me seeing I was entering, I confidently said, "I have a pickup." And then they said, "okay you can go in." Upon placing the uber order to be picked up, the guy at the bar said, "you can wait in your car and I will bring the food out to you." That was so distasteful and condescending to me. I don't want to say what I felt it was, but it really made me feel they didn't need my kind around there. I hope I never go back there again.

Kevin L.

I thin the stars for this place is pretty accurate, a 3.5-4. When we arrived we were greeted and promptly seated. We were in a weird alleyway area for a big group with almost no lighting. We asked if the lighting could be turned up and the waiter said management would get mad at her if the lights were turned up anymore than they were. Weird but that was fine. I end up ordering one of their white sauce pastas with shrimp and overall it was decent but the proportions were wrong. I had some dry pasta at the end and more than ran out of shrimp before I was half way through the meal. This would have been a 4.5 star dish if there was just a few more shrimp and some more sauce! Overall I would give this place a 3.5 or 4. Will have to come back and try their oysters too.

Harrell B.

We met some good friends here for dinner recently and dined outdoors. The setting was sublime. The wait staff here were fabulous, well trained and efficient. The drink menu was a real treat with a great offering of inventive and tasty martinis. The appetizer menu is varied. We had the crab claws and bang bang cauliflower. Both were excellent. The menu has offerings from vegetarian, to seafood, to delightful beef offerings. Something for anyone. The food was healthy and delicious. The staff could not have been kinder. We will be back!!

Kate Peterson

Fabulous! Great menu & quality wine list. Highly recommend the yellow fin and the strawberry walnut salad.,

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