Hungry Howie's Pizza

1844 McFarland Blvd, Northport
(205) 333-2633

Recent Reviews

Justin Johnson

I enjoy going here for many reasons the pricing is fair the food here is all ways outstanding and the customer service is and always first class I recommend hungry Howie's to everyone that ask me for a good place to eat at

Daina Peugh

Awesome pizza quick and on time...

Wanda Church

Said online my food would arrive in 40 minutes. An hour and 15 minutes later the girl that delivered my food put it on the ground and was going to leave it there, I did the no contact delivery but I have 2 chairs on my front porch. Why put my food on the ground? Nasty..

Alexander M Crystal

Awesome service, food!! They got it goin on like a chicken bone!! Greek salad is tha best!!

Juliann Winfree

We received our food hot, fast, and the correct order.

Bryce Besherse

Don't take card, only cash and they're really rude about it.

Crystal Jackson Cash

Worst customer service. I ordered a pizza and no one could find my order and had no concern to find my order. They didn’t even offer to get my pizza ready.

Lee Swindle

The employees were very friendly and I had no issues at all. Fast service and good food at a reasonable price.

Tracy Barrett

I stayed on the phone waiting to speak to someone for 48 minutes before I got mad and hung up. My son ordered ours off of the delivery app and it wasn't good, it was cold, we asked for no mushroom but both sandwiches had mushrooms. Not no good service at all!!!!

marian Chris Reese

The pizza is consistently good. Its the best "cheap" pizza you can get. I prefer it over little ceasars and most other chains. We ordered ours on friday night and even though online it said our order would be ready in 20 min it took about 35 min. So keep that in mind if you are ordering on one of their busy nights of the week. Overall ive had a good experience and will continue to enjoy their pizza.

Patty Moore

Pizza is not good. Soggy and not done. Manager/Supervisors attitude was worse than the pizza. YUCK

Merlin dochraid

Updating my review and I’m still giving them 5 stars because it’s my fave/best pizza place in town BUT there’s just one thing.. the website doesn’t always match the product they have meaning if the website offers a deep dish and you order it you will soon find out that they no longer have deep dish or there may be a deal in there that they’ve never heard of. I’m not sure why this is a thing but if you order from HH just keep in this in mind

Anthony Montgomery

I have a promo code: "VIP FREE LARGE WITH ANY MENU PRICE HOWIE BREAD PURCHASE." It reads "USE ONLINE ONLY." When I tried to use the code online, it was ringing up as $6.99 for the bread and $11.79 for the pizza. I did not add anything other than those two items. I did not add any toppings that cost extra, according to the site. I called the Northport, AL store. A man answered asking "pickup or delivery." I told him I had a question. He said he couldn't hear me and to hold on. A few seconds later he asked me what I said. A woman answered then. I think the call was on speaker. I started trying to explain. The woman told me there was nothing they could do about anything online. I asked who I needed to call to get the problem resolved. She told me she could not hear me. I had full service. I moved to the window. She told me to hang up and call back. She said she still could not understand. I hanged up. I called back. She answered. I explained. She said, "the best thing she could tell me" was to call back in the morning when her general manager would be there. I said okay. I then called the Tuscaloosa, AL location to try my luck. A woman answered and put me on hold before I could even speak. I waited for over fifteen minutes. Not very professional or courteous. I will be ordering from Domino's now instead.


I was charged $8 + $1.49 for a medium pepperoni pizza. The special they ran for a large 3 topping cost less. then the pizza was slopp . Will never go back.

Elizabeth Smith

The last two times we have ordered from here has been an absolute nightmare. The last time (about a month ago) we had to wait almost 20 minutes after the online tracker said our order was ready because they screwed up our order, and tonight we waited over an hour. We ordered online tonight, drove 20 minutes to town (that was the approximate wait time), get there to pick it up and they had not even started the order. Then when the order was initially ready, they screwed up one of our subs and had to remake it. This place clearly needs better management. Needless to say, we won’t be back.

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