Mr. Bills Southern Diner

2715 McFarland Blvd, Northport
(205) 333-9312

Recent Reviews

jason kirby

Great. Love the food. Real home-cooked food.

Holly Wheeler Koeppe

Excellent service and food! Casual and relaxed! Wonderful!!!

leslie rogers

Good food as always. Our waitress was very friendly and attentive to our needs

Barbara McCloud

The food wasn't very good today! I've been a guest in the past and food was much better that time. So im assuming it was just a bad day for the crew.

Jana Godwin Meherg

Mr. Bills is one of my go to places for lunch. Get their grilled chicken fingers, fried okra, peas, and a roll... you won’t regret it! I recently tried their breakfast and it was awesome! The service at Mr. Bills is always great and everyone is so friendly!

Janet Copeland

Love this Diner ❤ We've been going to Mr. Biils for a very long time. Food and Service always excellent!!!

Elaine Sanders

The food was delicious. The owner Mr. Bill greeted us and checked on us. Service was good. And food was not expensive

Taylor Stamps

Definitely not "home" cooked food.

Evan Bush

Mr. Bill's menu has something for everybody. We dine in the restaurant from time to time, but use their online ordering frequently for carry out. It is extremely easy and efficient and makes picking up dinner after work a breeze. My entire family always enjoys whatever we eat, and the customer service is great.

Sherreaka Armstrong

Very good food, friendly staff and the restaurant is clean. I will definitely be back for more.

Charles S.

Mr. Bill's has an identity crisis. At the time of the writing of this review, Mr. Bill's Southern Diner is now known as "Mr. Bill's Southern Smokehouse". Or is it? The "smokehouse" sign has been taken down, and it now once again says "Southern Diner". Yet, there are still references to the smokehouse. For example, on the "now hiring" sign. There's an old saying that says, "Don't forget who brought you to the dance!" Mr. Bill's has forgotten who brought them to the dance. The vast majority of the people who eat at Mr. Bill's come there, because they want a "meat and 3", not because they want a steak, or bbq or anything else that is implied by the smokehouse identity crisis. There are better options for steaks and bbq, a lot better options actually. And in fact, there are also better options for a meat and 3. City Cafe and Wright's Restaurant is better food, bigger portions, and much cheaper prices. Today I bought 2 meat and 2's and a kids meal and it was over $25. That's ridiculous, and did you see I said meat and 2 not meat and 3? Again, ridiculous. If I had gone to Wright's or City Cafe, it would have been $15ish, maybe less, better food, an actual "3" instead of "2". If you go to Mr. Bill's you will likely enjoy it, as I usually do, but be aware, there are better options. Go there because they are open for supper, don't have a line to get a table or are in a convenient location, but don't go there because they are the best meat and 3 or "smokehouse" option, because that they are not. And by the way, they will frequently get to go orders wrong FYI. Check what you get before you leave.

Jessica Dockery

Delicious food! Ordering online was flawless!

Sean Feely

Excellent home cooking. Quick and tasty. Busy at lunch.

Beth Saxton

I ordered the spaghetti. Not a fan. I have heard a lot about their catfish so I might have to try that sometime. I do love their fried green tomatoes. The service I have experienced has just been fair.

Kent Brantley

Great food and even better service! We love all of the staff here. We come for them as much as we do for the food. Christian, family friendly environment.

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