Burger King

650 Malwest Dr, Prattville
(334) 380-9488

Recent Reviews

George Mcguire

I'm here this morning. Stopped in to buy grits, eggs and sausage. Didn't even know they sold. The food was great and that biscuit was so delicious. The Manager and whole crew were all so nice. Thanks

Samantha Dawn Harris

They don’t get your orders right and full of attitude when you call them out. How can you mess up online orders?? They got my order wrong twice in one week and gave attitude when I said something about it.

Lori McNevin

Stopped here on the way to and back from Pensacola. Food was hot and service was prompt and friendly. Bathrooms and dining area were very clean. The manager, I believe her name is Taylor, served us both times and she was very nice and efficient. ?

Curtis Davis

Enjoyed my time at BK. The staff was very polite. The french fries fresh and the lobby staff kept all tables and condiments area clean..

Alyssa Escaravage

Employees were nice, but I ordered a spicy chicken sandwich that comes with mayo, lettuce, and tomato and got chicken on bread. :(


I agree it's clean. I also agree you should give the assistant managers a promotion because they are great people. But, the actual employees many are worthless. They are rude and disrespectful. If I come up to the counter. Don't just look at me like I'm stupid. Perhaps out there mouths say " Hello what would you like today Sir? I'm sick and tired of rude fast food workers. If they want to steal and listen to rap music stay at home. But,please respect the hard working managers at this location. Or close the doors.I've had it with rudeness worthless regular employees.

Ramon Greene

The Burger King was extremely clean, bathrooms were spacious and spotless. Dyson Dryers and then food was was fresh and hot. Whoppers were amazing, fries were straight out of fryer. Playground was clean and seemed fun for the kids. Right off the interstate and quick to get too. The lady servicing the dining room spoke to my wheelchair bound Mom and made her feel so at ease while we got the food and table set up. It is very wheelchair accessible!!!!

Ryan Wade

I don't usually post reviews on fast food, but the cashier "Tat" is one of the friendliest people to have ever helped me at any fast food restaurant. Friendly, very helpful, and had the best personality. I haven't even tried my food yet lol but she deserves all the five stars

S Thomas

They have improved tremendously over the last year. Food has been correct, they have been friendly, and Debbie who works the lobby and greats guests is an inspiring young lady to chat with. The play place has been really clean lately.

tim babcock

Staff was super friendly, food was fresh and fast, and everything was clean and in good condition. This particular BK had an indoor playground for 4 to 10 year olds.

Lisa “Leelee” Walker

They never came to take my order so me and others drove off

Lutece Ahrens

My kids and I went up there to try their new burger the crunchy stuff that went on it was old. I got fries instead of onion rings, our fries were very old and cold. We got the wrong size drinks after I asked for 2 large drink and I asked for no ice and of course there ice. My kids nuggets were burnt and all and all the whole experience was horrible.

James C.

Picked up 4 cheeseburgers tonight at 7:15, and they had been reheated so many times, the buns were hard and so was the meat. Just unacceptable for a $10.00 meal to be trash quality.


They were busy and moving fast. They were still polite, they didn't show any signs of being overworked. My food was correct and i didn't have to keep repeating myself.

Dave B.

Here now. Beside the rude attitude from the lady at the front counter, the food sucked. We were told 'I'll get to you shortly" by the blond lady up front. So we waited for 5 minutes and as retaliation, we got crappy sandwiches. Terrible attitude -- rude. Only come here so my grandkids can play, but sign says Closed for cleaning. You know these kids love the playground, so get off your lazy butt and CLEAN IT. also do not get the spicy chicken. It SUCKED. No chicken in it , mostly just batter with a tiny squirt of sauce. Star of the place - ketchup. It makes the food edible.

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