Krispy Kreme

2294 Cobbs Ford Rd, Prattville
(334) 310-7015

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Shannon Charlier

The donuts were great but the service sucked the girl at the window acted like I was a bothering her.. when I addressed it she inform me that they were short staffed to me that is not a reason to be rude to your customers I've worked in several retail positions and I was never rude to the customers or made them feel like they were bother matter of fact I would put on my smiling face and cheerful attitude no matter how I was feeling I mean I'm the one that filled out the application for the job I won't be going back there the donuts aren't worth it

Neka Neka

This is an awesome place.. yes it’s loaded with sugar but who wouldn’t want a good doughnut here and there. Staff is always friendly when we visit, inside is clean & spacious. Love the variety of doughnuts. Definitely will be back!

Randy R

Went inside on 10/20/2022 with a $25 Krispy Kreme gift card. I placed an order and the cashier said the gift card was empty. I asked that he try it again. He said it was still not going through. So, he called a lady over who I guess was the shift manager or something. She tried it as well and rudely stated the balance is 0 sir. Standing right in front of them both I decided hmm, let’s just try and place the order thru the app with the same gift card to see if it worked. Sure enough the balance showed $25. Prattville KK- Do better. Learn how to work your systems and hire people with better attitudes.

Steve Pettry

Restuarant closed on a Saturday, only drive thru open. Not fresh like I expected. More pricey than I remembered. Overall a some what disappointment

Heather Conklin

Stopped for donuts and coffee, my husband and I got 2 large frozen coffees that were about half way full. Definitely not going back to that place for coffee at almost $5 each I will go to Starbucks and get a full one.

Elizabeth Rivera

KK in Prattvilille, Al- Sep10th. After waiting 4-5 minutes with no one else waiting before me, the employee gave me two bags with what i thought were the four doughnuts i ordered.Left the place, drove about 300 feet and stopped by the traffic light. i opened the bags, one of them had two doughnuts and the 2nd bag had only one. I turned around to explain what happened and get the piece that they ‘missed’. One employee looked at me not understanding. When he finally understood, he gave me the doughnut; the manager came in and “explained” that the female employee MISCALCULATED” the amount!!!! Who could miscalculate counting up to TWO? Two mini doughnuts per bag. How much calculating do you need to know?!? Then when i suggested they should give me another for my troubles, the manager asked me why he should do that? I responded ‘to keep customers happy after making such mistake”. He never gave me another one. When Publix supermarkets make mistakes in pricing, they give you the item for free. Krispy Kreme. “Follow example” “Value the customer and keep them happy”


The hot light is never on. We haven’t been near KK in 5 years, we were so excited to move and have one right up the street. I check the app 5x a day, I drive by on my way to/from work… it’s never on. The store in Montgomery always has their light on. American Runs on Dunkin.

Justin Smith

Perfection. Hit this about 6 AM on our way back from FL. Place was clean and they were pumping out the donuts. Blueberry, strawberry frosted, and glazed right off the rack, all were fantastic. Friendly service.

Karen Carter

The drive through is only open. Couldn't take the kids inside to choose donuts. VERY limited selections in drive through. When in the world are the doors going to open???

Jan Stewart Wright

This is a picture of the dozen glazed doughnuts I just picked up. Half of them look like they could be mini doughnuts. Lots of empty space in the box. I think I'll stick with Kingdom Dough in Millbrook.

Justin Dermody

Slow drive thru, still had to correct my order at the window, but donuts were fresh and tasty. Expensive. I might be back on a day they are having specials.

Brandy Clary

Got our order wrong in the drive thru and were out of the 4th of July donuts, the warm glazed donuts were great though!

Meka J.

Very rude employees and the manager allows it to happen. Might as well drive to Montgomery, better quality and service. The coffee is awful no wonder it's free on Mondays.

Tammy Tarrel

Been years since I've been to Krispy Kreme but a craving came out of nowhere so I stopped by with my son! Good service, fast moving drive thru, & the donuts were better than I remembered!

Evelyn Aultman

Really nobody has to speak for Krispy Kreme donuts because it speaks for yourself...And I do think that a lot of people would agree with me on that they just have the best donuts in the world Krispy kremes ain't nothing better than that nice warm Krispy Kreme glazed donut:)...And the people there are mostly I've noticed you know older teenagers young adults that work in there which is good for them and they're always eager to help you and to make sure that they got your order right your satisfied...Yeah so I gave them my five star ,if I could ied rate them more than five stars by all means...

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