1914 Cobbs Ford Rd, Prattville
(334) 361-2020

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sonnie mull

Krystal in Prattville needs to close the drive through because the dinning area is no longer open and went there to drive through.They had nothing but hotdogs, hamburgers.Nothing to drink, no French fries, no side chicken. .Why stay open when you have hardly have anything to serve.What does that tell you, do you really want hotdogs and hamburgers from there.No I think not.

Jessica Baker

Absolutely nasty and way over priced. I paid 19.80 for 2 meals!!!! Meat was faker than McDonald’s!!!! Don’t waste your money here.


Oh no never again. I arrived there in the drive thru at 5 pm, just to be told my burgers would take 15 minutes to cook. When I drove up to the window to my surprise the cashier had to make her way from the lobby with a baby on her hip! I kid you not, I ask her why she had the baby in the window while taking my money only to here her laugh and giggle at me. When my food came eventually of course it was cold. Not at all why I waited 15 minutes... this Krystal needs to be shut down if these types of workers continue to ruin it.


I’m completely confused as to why & how a fast food restaurant no longer has kids meals?!? That was the only affordable option there was.Service is beyond slow, fries taste like they’re reheated from the day before.Save your money & just eat PB&J sandwich instead.It’ll taste a whole lot better.

Jimmy Carroll

The only reason they are getting a 1 star rating is because i have to choose something. We have stopped here several times and was one of our favorites but we visited on 11/12/22 at the drive through. When we attempted to submit our order, we were told in a very rude manner that there was no food or drink for us. They were still open and others were ordering so I am not sure why we were denied service. never-the-less we nor anyone else we know will ever visit this location again.

Jessie Johnston

This goes out to just about every Krystal’s except for the one on the east south blvd in Montgomery!! I have nerve in my life met such rude people towards first reaponders! My partner and I have been running since 7:00 this morning and it’s 6:00pm now and we are still currently going. Got a brief reprieve to get some food and knocked on the door to try and take an order because our trucks are TO BIG TO FIT THROUGH THE DRIVE THRU !!! Instead wants to argue when I ask the simple question could you please take our order, our truck can’t fit. “Our dining room is closed you have to use the drive thru” okay as stated we can’t fit through the drive thru! All we wanted was some food, we are starving. That’s all we wanted was to order and get out. Instead argue, causing us to lose precious time not being able to order and get food before our next emergency run that we got while begging to please take our order! Do better.

John Pepper

Waited in line because the lobby is locked. . . . strangely there is a sign says the lobby is OPEN. Perhaps remove the sign or unlock the door. Waited in line to order 24 pack, was told it would be at least 20 minutes. No chance I'm spending 20 minutes waiting on FAST FOOD. There was more to that order, but I didn't get that far. You lost about $50 from me today. Also, the speaker on your driver through is broken, and barely audible. Might wanna have that checked. No hurry on my account I won't be back.

Mrs Malika

Horrible Customer Service!!! Order two shakes directly from there store. Then when I get there, they said there where no shakes.. almost $7, substituted for a drink!!!!! Everything broke in this store!!Close it down!!!! This is our money you don’t have a problem taking our money Do You!!!! Go to Hardies or Carls Jr. money well spent!!!! 1914 cobb ford rd. Phattville, Al. Horrible!!!! (For All Truckers!!!!!!)

Jamieca Gandy

The service was horrible yesterday, the workers were unprofessional as well. One of workers was bringing out the meal and then going in the back with the same gloves on. I ask for a refund and the one taking order got rude. I’ll be calling corporate tomorrow!

Kat W

The cashier could not understand what it was that I was ordering and I was reading it off the menu like they had it wrote on there. I couldn't understand why he couldn't understand! He was not friendly at the window either, but the bugers were good.

Judy D.

Went to Krystals in Prattville, AL. Sign said dining room was open till 8:00pm but doors were locked at 6:00. Went to the drive-thru and was told there is a 20 minute wait for Krystal burgers. Ridiculous.

Misha Pookie

I love Krystals but they are declining in service and quality. Why is service in drive thru taking 20 minutes for 6 Krystal and a drink.

Elvira Wilson

Ordered online and went to go pick up order clearly sates dinning room open doors are locked. Go to drive through no one answers get to window wait 5 minutes. Then gives attitude and says they aren't done...already sitting 20 minutes after order was suppose to be completed...horrible experience!!! Still waiting...order 2-24 steam packs. Not complicated at all!

Chris Rieben

Pulled into the drive through to order lunch and the first response we got was there's a hold on Krystals we have to cook them, tried to place an order and when I did the same exact phrase was repeated, im guessing they didn't want to work that day so we just took our business to taco bell.

Kyle Dildy

The last 2 times we have been here all we hear is it’s gonna be 20 or 30 minutes! How does it take this long to prepare Krystal’s??? Used to go here a lot will find me a better representation of the Krystal’s brand

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