Steak 'n Shake

2313 Cobbs Ford Rd, Prattville
(334) 290-0035

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The younger red haired woman at the cash register was the absolute most polite and awesome person I meet while at this restaraunt. Everyone else was also polite. But I was very impressed with how well spoken and polite she was that day. Food was also good and received quite fast for as busy as it was.

ETA Vinyls

We were surprised to even catch it open today, but honestly, McDonalds would have been a better choice. You have to order at the counter, go to the "drink" station, and then sit.Which hey, I can is easy for the staff. But no more chicken on the menu, no hair nets, coughing over the cooking grills and the kids meals are no longer free. Not to mention, the food is EXTREMELY greasy.It's probably best, as much as my family would hate it, just close this joint down.

Katherine Meyer

I came here with someone and waited in the car, so I can't speak to the interior or the food or anything.I will say though, the person I was with had to wait 20 minutes for a shake. He didn't get anything else.


Update the girl at the dive threw window packed our food carefully and also cover our fry's in a way so the didn't all fall out of the bag that was nice to see someone actually care . The food was better then previous times also

Jennifer Clow

Server was timely with drinks and taking our order but then we waited 34 minutes for our food. There were 3 other tables in the restaurant, and workers basically just standing around talking and not in any hurry. I asked our server how much longer at 25 minutes and her response was I'm not the cook, you want a refill that's what I do. Not typical of this store but definitely not making me wanna go back anytime soon.

Andi S.

Waited an hour inside for our to go order and never received it. They lost our order twice and were unapologetic. We got a refund. Disappointing because we were waiting with a hangry toddler.

Melanie B.

Slowest wait ever for a drive through, order in correct - our food bag literally was sitting on the counter for 5+ minutes while we sat at the drive through window

David Grissom

Website stated open until 9pm. We arrived before 8pm and waited 15 min in drive thru line. They turned out the lights and closed. In the darkened order area was a hard to read posted paper sign saying they closed at 8pm. It would have been nice if there website accurately reflected their actual hours! We wasted our time.

Mahsa T.

It took forever to get our food we've been waiting for an hour just for the food to get on the grill and I understand the are short staffed but come on hire more cooks and less waiters!!!!

Lucy Wilson

I can’t say enough good things about this place! We came Monday evening and noticed a sign on the door stating they were closing. We sat in the car and contemplated where to eat when the store manager came out and invited us in. She allowed us to eat (not knowing we were from out of town and had no Steak n Shake near us!) and was so exceptionally kind. Thank you so much for such wonderful service!


Steak 'n Shake is now just an 'AVERAGE' overpriced Fast Food restaurant. Order through a Kiosk. Very difficult to get help from an employee. Then pick up at counter. We used to get good prices and a Server. Now they have added what we paid as a tip to the server and a little extra into the base price. Steak 'n Shake cut out the hard working Servers, and pocketed the money we would have paid as a tip. This new business model Sucks! They used to be very busy, but with the new Fast Food model, they are near empty. I wonder why!

Dee M

If this wasn't the second time we had to wait at least 10 minutes for service, I would have given 5 stars. We were sitting in an open area where every employee could see us. I'm not sure why we were overlooked. Other than that, the food was great.

Joyce O'Brien - Bell

Good fast steak burgers and shakes

Tara Anderson

It was my first time there. I got the Garlic Double Hamburger ?. It's the best burger I have ever tasted in my life. I will be going there every time I go to Montgomery Alabama. It's cheap and all the staff are friendly and nice. I would give this establishment a ????????????? excellent food

Rachael M.

Steak n Shake is a beloved memory of my childhood with my Dad and Grandma. This was my first visit in many years and my husband's first visit ever. It was a little slow but they ars short staffed like everyone else. Delicious burgers and amazing shakes!! The drive through server had a great attitude and got our order correct. We were very happy!!

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