113 S Memorial Dr, Prattville
(334) 361-9228

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Jordan Stephenson

Slow , got teenagers working in there with no adult ! White guy that had a chain on and black guy with tattoos on his neck were the only guys in there working ! The others just playing ! Little skinny black guy was hitting on the door dasher while ringing me up ! Store is wack

Dustin Foster

If they mess your online order up, they will not remake your meal until you bring your old meal back up there which defeats the purpose of ordering it online and not having to wait for your food to be prepared. Then the manager hung up on me when I told him about that and then just wanted a refund.

Jerry Smith

5 stars even though some of the employees were lazy. There was this one young man who did his job very well, I believe his name was Colt. He isThe most brutally honest fast food employee I've ever met. And I love him to death for it. Because he felt free and spoke his mind without any hesitation whatsoever rather than acting all gray and forced like every other employee. He wasn't rude at all he was really nice and polite. But I just really admire the fact about how real he is and how the world needs more people like him.

Don .Walker Sr.

Thus subway gets worst each visit. The employees are not friendly. Do not listen when placing order. Must be lettuce shortage they are scared to put lettuce on salad. Can’t understand cashier. Didn’t give dressing or offer. This is sign it’s tine to go else where. Stay away.

Zer0 Life

My boii aj hooked a brother up


If you can't ever answer a phone, you'll never get my business!

Jen McHugh

If you can't ever answer a phone, you'll never get my business!

Tracey Ushman

Ordered sandwiches through the Subway App, I waited for my pick up time and when I got there they hadn't even begun to make My sandwiches. I had to tell them I had placed an on line order and that they were late having them prepared and ready for pick up

Trystan Opel

Excellent service even though it was close to closing time

Bec Matos

I was a regular around lunch time but I’ve decided not to come back. There was a really nice & professional girl who worked there (I think her name is Keke!) who remembered what I usually ordered. The guys however will give you unsolicited opinions & sarcastic attitudes. No thanks!

ocie wright

They always have the freshest food

big waves

the guys that work there at lunch are rude toasted my sub when i was clearly telling him not too then he caught a bad attitude with me the girls that work here are ok but the dudes needs to be fired asap they have horrible customer service

Brad Lee

Friendly service and good subs

Pamela Burn

My daughter was having a difficult time getting the app to work so she called the store to place our order for pickup. The person who answered seemed irritated about taking her order over the phone. My daughter explained about the problem and then the person seemed ok about it and took the order. It was a very simple order and was read back perfectly. When we picked up the order and got home, we discovered that the order was all messed up. Nothing was prepared right and they doused everything with mayonnaise. Nothing was supposed to have mayonnaise on it. We will not be going back to this location anymore.

Tip2 Thomas

HORRIBLE ?A employee named Hope went out of her way to tell me it was basically my fault that they messed up my online order twice and proceeded to tell me I can get in line to watch them make the order. Why would I get in line to order when I ordered online to just pick up. When explaining to her you don't blame the customer when YOU messed up their orders. She walked away while I was talking with her .

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