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Aaron Ismail

I placed a mobile order, the app said it was ready but I was told they hadn't started yet when I arrived 20 mins later. So I sat down to wait. Three other people arrived after me and they started making their sandwiches instead of starting mine. So I asked for a refund and the reason they put on the receipt was that I didn't want to wait but this isn't true, the reason is because they wouldn't start making my sandwiches.


Best fresh food in town. It's a lunch addiction to stay healthy... highly-rated by me..Food: 5/5

Chasidy Turner

4 people working the line and none of them have a clue what they are doing. None of them know how to wrap a tortilla, they will put incorrect amounts of meat and cheese if you don’t watch them, they don’t know the menu you have to basically train them how to make your sandwich while they are making it smh they also didn’t know how to ring up our sandwiches we were overcharged. Charged $11.29 for a 6 inch. STAY AWAY

Lisa Coffey

Visit went as usual until I got to the checkout . Was told that if my coupon would not scan, it would not be honored. I have used coupons at this location several times. Never a problem. I was in shock, or I would have left the food there. Not in the habit of paying almost $30 for 3 subs. When eating my sub, kept wondering why it was so bland. Plain chicken, not seasoned. I won't be returning to this location, but it would be a good idea to post a sign about the coupons.

amanda folmar

I ordered through the app, arrived at the store to witness 3 workers goofing off with no customers. My order was shown as ready but had not even been stated until I walked in. Then, they tried to give me hard burned Italian herb and cheese bread while another customer walked in, order that bread and was told to choose another since it was burned and hard. I interrupted and asked if I may have the same courtesy to which he then switched my bread on my sandwich already half way made. 12 minutes after the app said my order was ready I finally walked out with my sandwiches. Riley was the manager and was obviously too young and immature to hold that title!

Mariah Baynard

The night time workers are slow and very inconsiderate. I am a doordasher and my job is to get the food from the business to the consumer and they mixed my order with an uber eats driver due to them being uncoordinated. I feel this establishment at 113 Memorial dr, Prattville Al should be further inspected.

KeUndra Gibson

I ordered though the app and it’s completely glitchy. The sandwiches I originally ordered changed on the checkout screen. I had to call to correct my order. I still received both sandwiches completely wrong. I am also missing both of my drinks.


Friendly staff, fast service. Have seen great improvements in this location & that is a good thing!! Will definitely return.

Jordan Stephenson

Slow , got teenagers working in there with no adult ! White guy that had a chain on and black guy with tattoos on his neck were the only guys in there working ! The others just playing ! Little skinny black guy was hitting on the door dasher while ringing me up ! Store is wack

Dustin Foster

If they mess your online order up, they will not remake your meal until you bring your old meal back up there which defeats the purpose of ordering it online and not having to wait for your food to be prepared. Then the manager hung up on me when I told him about that and then just wanted a refund.

Jerry Smith

5 stars even though some of the employees were lazy. There was this one young man who did his job very well, I believe his name was Colt. He isThe most brutally honest fast food employee I've ever met. And I love him to death for it. Because he felt free and spoke his mind without any hesitation whatsoever rather than acting all gray and forced like every other employee. He wasn't rude at all he was really nice and polite. But I just really admire the fact about how real he is and how the world needs more people like him.

Don .Walker Sr.

Thus subway gets worst each visit. The employees are not friendly. Do not listen when placing order. Must be lettuce shortage they are scared to put lettuce on salad. Can’t understand cashier. Didn’t give dressing or offer. This is sign it’s tine to go else where. Stay away.

Zer0 Life

My boii aj hooked a brother up


If you can't ever answer a phone, you'll never get my business!

Jen McHugh

If you can't ever answer a phone, you'll never get my business!

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