696 E Main St, Prattville
(334) 361-0421

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This location has wonderful staff that has a good sense of humor. I inquired if the Frosty machine was working and was jokingly told, " Yeah, this isn't McDonald's." I laughed right along...too funny. The food was good expected and the order was correct. Great all
A very new looking Wendy’s. I come here probably once every week and the staff here is usually very nice to me. Sometimes I have been pulled up, but it’s worth it because the food is always very fresh! It’s nicer then the other Wendy’s by the interstate and it is more local. Definitely recommend! Overall, very nice place to get some fast food!
Food is pretty good at this location. But you have to deal with completely rude employees to get that food. The drive thru woman didn't want to give us our change back and was rude from the speaker to the window. If you don't want to work then don't! If you hate your job find another one! They want 15/hour but got 3/hour attitudes.

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