Wing Town

758 E Main St, Prattville
(334) 380-3489

Recent Reviews

Amy Hawkins

Do not waste your money. The wings are so tiny. Also the menu online is different than the one in the store. Expect to pay a a few dollars more for each item and still be hungry after you meal. Pretty sure the ranch isn’t homemade either. It’s thick and tastes like Kraft.

Crystal Bosworth

The wings/ sauce are delicious. The wings are super small and pricey. The taste is great could work on pricing and wing size.

Steve Dorman

Very good! Boneless wings and fried rice! Hot fresh and delicious!!

Brina Boo

Best wings in town. The people are great! Try the honey lemon pepper. You won’t regret it. Great local spot and even more convenient than most with having a drive through.

Latosha Cunningham

I love it here their wings and rice is the bomb along with a sweet tea the food is great here.

James Mcglaun

I ate there last week and got chicken fried rice and after about eating six or seven bites, I looked down and noticed that one piece of chicken was not thoroughly cooked all the way and I brought it to their attention to fix the problem. This is the first time this has ever happened to me at this Wing Town location in Prattville any other time. Excellent food. Just really expensive to eat there. They should have better meal choices for children My child likes wings and rice so I have to buy an adult meal for her. They don't offer wings and rice for a child

Mark Harris

Hands down, by far the best wings I've ever had!!!

Becky Payne

The BEST wings and fries around! Customer service is Top Grade!

Charles R.

This is an interesting location to order food. Unfortunately they lack any sort of a sort of social media presence. They have a facebook page but last updated in 2018. do not have a website that you can place orders online. They also do not answer the phone when you call to place an order ahead which I learned it doesn't work. One of the staff said the owners are "old fashioned". I would say they need to not be to embrace modern times to keep up with business. As far as food quality goes, so far not too bad. Wings are pretty good.

Edward Lorn

While the wings were DELICIOUS, most of the pieces were less than two inches (and yes, ladies, I used an actual ruler) and didn't have much meat on the bone. What meat there was was drier than Ben Shapiro's wife. Our cashier (think his name was Charles?) was great, but I'd like to be able to see prices while in the drive thru line. They have a menu on the side of the building, but all the prices were taped over and there was no accurate pricing anywhere online. Everything ended up being about $15 more than expected because all their prices had gone up drastically compared to the online menus I did find.

Chelsea Allegro

Best boneless wings around. Fast and friendly service. They are also reasonably priced.

Brodie Cockrell

Wing town is really goated. Best wings, best service, best everything. I give it a 100 out of 10. Wing town should hire me for how much I eat there. I love wing town I wanna live there.

Winston Perosn

I sold my house so i can eat wing town everyday . i love wing town. never disappointed

kimberly rawls

My first time eating here. The food is good. The wings don't look like they are on steroids ? and they were good. The prices are reasonable. The only thing I didn't like is you can not call an order in and you have to wait to get to the window before ordering. But it doesn't take them long to bring your order out. Good service ?.

Scott Strissel

The wings might be smaller than that famous chain BUT the flavors are amazing and they are cooked to perfection every time!

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