Bubba Ritos

135 W Grand Ave, Rainbow City
(256) 281-6070

Recent Reviews

Kris R.

Fast casual with good amount of choices on the service line. The prices were reasonable and the people serving you were nice. The tables and service areas were clean even though they were busy. Would definitely try this place again!

Alicia Lopez

I always come here , never have a bad experience but over the past few weeks I’ve been getting hair in my burritos . The food is good and the workers are very sweet but finding a hair in your food makes you lose your appetite all together . I really wish the girls would start wearing hair nets or keep their hair more tidy so this doesn’t keep happening !

Wesley Hall

Drove all the way from Ohatchee today 10/18/22... and they are closed with a sign saying they will be closed remainder of the day... this was at 2:00 not happy at all

Michael Otten

Made me feel like home wonderful people will be back

The Real

Awesome presentation and awesome taste, way to go Scott!!

J'me G

Great food as always but we tried to dine in and I remember very quickly why I don't. It's Tex- mex temperatures inside the restaurant. I just can eat and enjoy my food while sweating. I fell bad for the employees over the grill.

Austin Matthews

Hands down, without a doubt, the best southwest style restaurant in the state.

Dawson Brown

This place is awesome. I eat here nearly once a week. Fairly priced and always tastes good!

Zakiya Mims

I must admit the food was good but the customer service and environment was disgusting. I have to assume that the lady with blonde short hair is most likely part of management or assistant manager. She was incredibly rude to her coworkers yelling at them loudly in front of customers even to the point where she was holding up the line. Everyone can relate to having an annoying coworker but it is highly inappropriate to practically verbally abuse and embarrass your coworkers in front of multiple customers. There is no reasonable excuse for it and it SLICK made me and my boyfriend not want to eat there any more. Absolutely disgusting behavior from them and all the customers could do was make mutual uncomfortable eye contact with each other as she continued to yell and embarrass her coworker. All for the sake of some beans and chicken not being prepared on time. To the person being addressed- YOU’RE A COMPLETE L***** You’re TOO old to be acting like that in public AND the work place. You embarrassed your establishment and your other coworkers (who were also too afraid to say anything about it). Needless to say, DO BETTER. The audacity to say “im going to lose my voice by the end of my shift” (paraphrased) girl… you could have easily avoided all of that by just being professional. Bye

Drew Gortney

Normally don’t leave reviews but it was my first time eatinghere… ordered a lot of food for the family online, not only was the service great but the food was amazing! Will be back!

Hannia L.

i went to bubba ritos the other day and i noticed that there was a blonde, short haired woman wearing a headband working and yelling very loudly at her coworker. it was very rude and she was also rude to the customers as well. 1/5 STARS. I hope this behavior is not tolerated under any establishment. This isnt the first time ive heared about this young lady. Thank you.

Lisa Young

Great food!! Everything we ordered was very good!

Lauren Dill

went to eat @11am sign sid they were not opening until 11:30 that was fine by 12:15 nobody had opened the doors. note there were 7-8 cars in parking lot, people going up to door, checking it to open and knowing by 12:30 i just left!! horrible customer service!! how do you expect to run a restaurant if you can’t open!

Tami Starnes

Everything is made fresh daily and that makes all the difference. From start to finish our meal was great!

Jett Parker

Love this place!! I’ve been eating at Bubbaritos since 2015 when they had it on the mountain. Food and prices have stayed the same the whole time. Anything that you order will be more than enough to fill you up!!

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