Burger King

3322 B, Rainbow Dr, Rainbow City
(256) 413-7882

Recent Reviews

crystal bell

They open and close when they want to . Y'all need to just close for good.

Bill Combs

Quick prompt serviceReceived my order correctly and timelyFood: 5/5

Richard Bradfield

Terribly slow service (they were not busy, just not in a hurry). Burger condiments were half off of the bun. Drink machine selection was very limited (a lot of unavailables). Food was barely warm. 2 stars is gracious.

Stephen Simon

Would give 0 stars if I could. A couple weeks ago, we stopped by an hour before closing to get our daughter some nuggets. There was an orange cone blocking the drive thru, but there were people inside. My wife went inside to order and the workers told her that they had already started cleaning and closing up shop for the day. They implied that if she ordered anything that they would tamper with the food as retaliation, so she just left and we have not gone back since. Even if we wanted to go back, they are hardly open anymore anyway.

Katlin Henslee

This BK used to be my jam growing up but now, they just infuriate me to no end. EVERY TIME I try to come here now, they're closed. They either haven't updated their hours or no one showed up to work, which is the sad case everywhere. I have also visited a few times around 6 p.m. and see people inside but they place an orange cone in the drive-thru so everyone thinks they're closed. Fix it Jesus.

Rachel SIMS

I went there for the last time,so I now have to drive even further from east gadsden for a whopper wit cheese no mayo. On my most recent visit when I got to the speaker nobody said I'll be right with or may I take your order. I said hello then wondered aloud if the speaker worked. So I pulled around and I stead of taking my order and having me pull up they refused to take my order. In all the years I worked in fast food I would have gotten fired for addressing my customers in that manner. So in closing I now lead a whopper free life. Thanks burger King !!!

elizabeth conklin

When are they going to open the dining room back up. This is ridiculous and very inconvenient and the service is awful even through the drive thru.

jason smith (stump)

Super slow and I had to pull up and wait 20 minutes for a order I placed online. Ice cream machine was down so I couldn't get the milkshake I order either. Totally disappointed.

Joey E.

Visited this BK last week and was sorry to say it is the worst BK I have ever walked in to. The tables were filthy, the floors were greasy and even though they were not very busy it took 30 minutes for us to get our food and even after that wait my Whopper was cold. I dont like leaving bad reviews but this place deserves it

Tracy Bishop

The food was hot and made as requested. The restaurant appearance was nasty. Dead roach greeted us at the front door, strip stains on the floor by drink machine and your feet stuck to floor as we walked in.

Raymond Jamison

Waited over 10 minutes in drive thru to order and get my food. Store wasn't even busy. Several people in drive thru jumped out of line because of it being slow.

AFrayed Knott

Food was delicious as usual, however having only 2 people working on a Saturday at noon lunch rush, is piss poor management. The 2 people were doing the best they could. Took 20 minutes to get our order but it sure was good.Kudos to the staff, working their butts off. Boooo to whomever writes the schedule.

Cathy S.

How can a place go down hill this fast this place is filthy and our food was cold I was really disappointed

Xavier Curry

Not only did I have to wait forever to even order but they got my order wrong. I waited all together 15 minutes for two double whopper jrs without onions, I got two single whopper Jr's with onions!!!! And it was cold. if it's going to take that long to get my order at least have it hot.

Donna Jean Staton

Went to BK RBC yesterday, only 1 person working up front, she walks up not saying a word, told her what I wanted, paid, she didn’t even offer a receipt, when food was ready she still never said a word, if you don’t like your job, there’s always one around the corner, gave this place too many times, but no more, can’t believe it’s still even open, bye bye!

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