Papa Murphy's | Take 'N' Bake Pizza

124 W Grand Ave Ste 111, Rainbow City
(256) 442-7776

Recent Reviews

John Moses

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Hiedie Hurde

made pizza wrong. got home and cooked it then realized it was missing onions. wanted me to pack pizza up and bring pizza back just to get another one done right which have been done right in the first place. was rude and told me I shouldn't have baked it if toppings were missing when I didn't notice that at first. employees rude. manager unethical. sad cause I've had good pizza there

Kimberly Hartman

They forgot the pizza sauce for my kids pizzas, we were missing half the serving of the cheese curds and the chicken wings weren’t cooked, nor did they have the sauce we ordered. The restaurant was disgustingly dirty and the staff were less than helpful

Bill Combs

Got two pizzas and two cheesey bread. The young ladies were super friendly and did a perfect job putting the order together.

U'Ntokozo Oyi Panda

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Wandy Given

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Teresa Sacksteder

The service at Papa Murphy in CDA was outstanding! The girls that waited on me were friendly and shared their smiles willingly. These blonds that all had names beginning with"S" were spectacular! Great service! Great Pizza!

Lisa Thompson

Best place to go pizza. Friendly staff! Very clean!!

Eric Curlin

We like their Gourmet Vegetable delight.

John Tristles

Super clean establishment, walked in got taken care of immediately by some friendly employees. Pizza was made extremely fast with high quality. If you haven't had Papa Murphys you gotta go!

Andy Close

Super clean establishment, walked in got taken care of immediately by some friendly employees. Pizza was made extremely fast with high quality. If you haven't had Papa Murphys you gotta go!

Paul Socie

What an awesomely made pizza, thank you

Jennifer Schwandt

The pizza is always fantastic and the workers are very friendly.

Jim Cable

Love both locations near me. Haven’t really had a bad experience with the food or the folks. My most recent experience with pricing, however, has me stumped. Why would the same exact pizzas (virtually identical orders) cost more on a Tuesday than the Monday a week before? The Tuesday discount was applied, but would have saved even more if the prices were the same. Update: apparently the prices were just increased due to current events… I also filled out the online survey & received a 25% discount, but it’s already expired (or very confusing on my end).

Ashley Sovell

Would be nice to get the pizza that you order. They didn’t care that we didn’t receive our pizza delivery and hung up the phone on us. When asked for reimbursement they said the manager couldn’t sign off on anything and told us it was our fault. I have never been treated so poorly. Don’t waste your money on this company.

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