Royal Kitchen Chinese Food

2905 Rainbow Dr, Rainbow City
(256) 459-5806

Recent Reviews

Kimberly Hodes

I absolutely love the Royal kitchen at lunch time. They give you small portions for small prices. You're perfectly full but you've not stuffed yourself and you've not harmed your budget. The employees are extremely nice and my only thing is I would just love it if they were open on Monday because that's when I always seem to go by there. I think they might could work on the atmosphere a little bit but the place just seems fine to me

The Diab0lus

The customer service was probably the best I ever had at a Chinese restaurant. I don't know if it was because they were having a slow day and had more time to chat but I had some really good conversations with both of the servers, they were very attentive and made sure the food was good for me, which it was. It was nothing exotic or anything like that but the food was good and the servers were over the top friendly. I gave them a good tip since they were slow that day and I will definitely come back. ??

Tim Huddleston

Wonderful food. Great staff!

Cecil Munroe

The best! Shrimp chow mein was the best I've ever had. Fast service and good prices.

monkey heaven

Loved it. The service was quick the food was wonderful. Try the fried dumplings they were awesome.

Misti Jordan

Always excellent food and service. We love eating here!

Rob D.

The best Chinese I've had around this area! Their Mongolian Beef is amazing, and the Lo Mein is wonderful! Lunch prices are very reasonable! Couldn't recommend enough! Great food!

John Hollock

The food was fresh and delicious, I just wish the egg rolls were larger. I will definitely be back.

Wayne Y

Outside of China this restaurant has the best tasting Chineses food. They even have some Korean cuisine. Some dishes are named differently and some dishes are for an American palate (not truly Chinese). Regardless, I always love their food, and order food from Royal Kitchen regularly. My favorite Chinese restaurant in the U.S. They are matter-of-fact and to the point if you order over the phone, service is still outstanding and the food is wonderful.

Malek Omri

Food was great. Amazing service by the server. Worth every penny and absolutely coming back.

Chris R.

Nice quiet atmosphere. Very tasty dishes. Personal service. Quite possibly the best restaurant in the area. This place has turned into our go-to dinner favorite.

Jett Parker

Customer service is horrible. The prices have gone up and the amount of food you receive has gone down. The quality of the food has also declined majorly. Would NOT recommend, just get Kobe.

Fouad Elmubaid

Absolutely unremarkable service provided by the lady that answered the phone at the front desk. Very rude and disrespectful and doesn’t know how to run a business. Needs to learn proper customer service etiquette. Will never go back to a horrible restaurant like this.

Kay Dugger

Great Food Service is very good.Every one is friendly. Seating is fast & clean.Prices are very reasonable. Will be going back.

randy tidmore

The food was incredible, the hot mustard sauce will burn a hole thru the table. The food was very economical, will be back

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