Western Sizzlin

209 W Grand Ave, Rainbow City
(256) 442-5061

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Joe Zacharias

Food was cold. made a sample plate to see what I liked before I got a bigger serving and everything tastes bad, burnt, dry or just old tasting in general. Needless to say I didn't get a bigger serving of anything. Never again! Save your money and go get better food at a fast food place.Food: 1/5

Jesse Harper

Most of the food was good but not up to the standards of other Western Sizzlin locations we've eaten at. We were there as they were swapping over from breakfast to lunch so we were able to have a variety of options. The service was amazing with multiple staff members refilling drinks and making sure everything was enjoyable.Vegetarian options: Very extensive salad bar and plenty of vegetables to choose from on the hot bar.Parking: Plenty of parking for an establishment this size.Wheelchair accessibility: Wheelchair accessible with convenient parking. There was plenty of room in the dining area to navigate a wheelchair.Dietary restrictions: Plenty of health conscious options on the salad and hot bars. They also have a menu to order from for more specific needs.

Melvin Judson

My wife and I had dinner there tonight. The dessert bar was a mess the ice cream machine was a mess food was only lukewarm. The kitchen manager Rodney put raw food next to cook product and told me I was wrong when I observe this. Then I told another employee that he was rude and unprofessional and that he did not know food safety protocol. Then the other employee went and told him what I had said. Then the manager Rodney told the employee he won't say that to my face. Then I proceeded to tell him exactly what I told him what I told the employee. Very unprofessional I will not be back there ever again.

Dana Gomez

Food selection for the buffet was slim and there were ants all over the ice cream machine. My kids love this place though. I wish they could improve.

Amy R.

They have revamped their salad bar. Now they have spring mix. Also, a delightful mix of items to add to your salad such as beets, broccoli, olives, boiled eggs, ham, cheese etc Give them a try with their &12.49 buffet of veggies, meats, salad bar and desserts.

Autumn Gibbs

Everytime we’ve went before it was good not great but good these past few times we’ve went I’ve caught roaches crawling around on the dessert bar and the hot food bar where the steaks are cooked whenever we were eating we overheard a woman say there was a dead fly in her salad. We didn’t stay long because shortly after we saw another roach in our food. Paid and left. They need to shut it down and fumigate the place before serving anymore customers.

Fredrick Andrews

I visit this location with a friend every single time I come into town. The breakfast on a Saturday morning is always phenomenal. Always a great selection of good quality foods. Great price is the kicker.

Dianne Cecil

The salad bar was clean. Ask for chicken legs from main kitchen staff. He was very rude, nasty. So we got a serving of lime beans while waiting for chicken which never came. So told waitress we weren't waiting any longer. She brought our check. Charged full price for 2 salad bars. Two waters. Never will go there again.

Randie Watkins

It wouldn't hurt for the staff to brush up on food safety. You can not put raw chicken wings on the buffet and throw them across the cooked food to the trash can. That is 100% a no no. Our server was amazing as always.

Lisa Pointer

Delicious food bar. Love the salad bar and dessert bar is scrumptious

Ann Sims-Spidell

Excellent customer service and food

LaSonia Sams

The food is usually good and on point, but I took my friend there everything was good until she had a long blonde hair baked in her Mac - N - Cheese. We did tell the manager and asked did they not wear hair nets ( we were told no). Rodney is awesome the kitchen manager but to serve the public ....HAIR NETS SHOULD BE A PRIORITY

Shannon Sullivan

Decided to come down to this Western Sizzlin and eat instead of the normal one I go to in Calhoun County. The employees were very nice and hospitable. The food was excellent as usual and the bathrooms were clean and smelled pretty good. I was a little thrown off by the girl that we paid as we left. She didn't ask how our meal was, nor did she say thank you for coming, enjoy the rest of our day or anything. She didn't say anything to me when she gave me my change. Just seemed a little rude. But, all in al, the experience was a good one and I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone looking for a great buffet in and around this area. Looking forward to coming back again soon

regina holloway

It had been years since I d been there like 10 years The food was good but it's the same thing. You think some items be different. They never change. But the waitress was very nice.

Danny Starnes

Great food and service! Love the sizzler.

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