Burger King

1980 AL-77, Southside
(256) 485-1438

Recent Reviews

Cupcake “Ty” Grant

They are never open for the inside dine in drive thru is always packed in the A.M. they never have biscuits and if you don't want to order a croissant for breakfast then you have to wait in the drive thru till everyone pulls up to get outFood: 1/5

Marc Lavoie

Employees always look upset when we done in and the doors are almost always locked. Real snarky attitudes.

Jimmy Coppock

Stop many times and the lobby still close sents the pandemic. Customers who drives big trucks can't go thru the drive thru. I guess the owner don't need the business. Jack's & McDonald's has there lobby open and glad to have your business.

Glenn Huggins

One of the best whoppers I've had in a long timeFood: 5/5

Lyssa Smith

My burger didn’t come with ketchup but it was absolutely dripping with ketchup. My sandwich was ruined and my fries were not fresh either. Not to mention one combo is $10

Daphne Hinds

The only reason I give this place one star is because I can't give it 0. I stopped by here on my way home from work this morning to get my husband and I some breakfast to go. I drive up to the intercom and some guy tells me to hold on a minute. I wait. I waited for several minutes before I said hello? He comes back and tells me "I TOLD you to wait a minute!". I couldn't believe how rude and aggressive he was to me. I said to him that I did wait a minute and, in fact, had been waiting several minutes. He told me if I was going to be rude that I could just drive off. He didn't need to tell me twice. I will never stop there again and if I was anyone else reads this I wouldn't either. I have never been talked to like that when placing any order.Unbelievable! Franchise owner should take note. It seems there are some serious problems at this location. The 5 star reviews are probably from employees or paid for.

John Hollock

The food was fresh and hot and the fries were crisp and well seasoned.

Liz H.

Went today through the drive thru. There was only one car in line. Put in a small order and got it at the window. The food was hot. Everything was smooth so no complaints. There is a McDonalds right next door so that was kind of interesting.

Karon S.

The food was good & hot .but what I order is not what I got. But they fixed it.

Marietta M.

Came by here at 9:45pm, and they were closed. Even though it says they're open till 11 PM on Apple Maps and Google...they were closed...

Stan Nelson

Decent service and food was correct and hot. Way too expensive for what I got.You can actually have decent food for a good bit less

Ralph Westmoreland

Impossible burger at Southside location is done right. The location in Rainbow City is nasty and the food sucks


Never open on time. If you want breakfast go to a different one than Southside or it will be at least 1 hour after the time they are supposed to open

jeff french

Very good food, nice folks at the drive through, Loved the Big Texas Doubble Whopper. It needs to stay year round.

Scurvy “Bootyqueen”

Went and got served cold and old food :( my chicken fries were cold and soggy, fries were cold, dads patty melt was old and like they had just thrown it in a microwave, he said the patty didn’t even taste like real meat.Place has gone so downhill lately :(

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