Burger King

7050 Theodore Dawes Rd, Theodore
(251) 236-8437

Recent Reviews

Mangekyo Reaper

Great Bacon ? egg ? and cheese ? biscuits ?

Chris Ingram

Went to go to the drive thru and there were 2 employees standing in the middle of the parking lot screaming and cursing at each other my wife didn't feel safe so we left.

Ricardo Parra

Good pickup food for a trip to Florida.

phillip zangas

5 for $5... don't sleep...

Sam Sanders

I've always had great service at Burger King and I love the way they fix their hamburgers the paper was always been nice and courteous and y'all doing some goodI appreciate it when I can save a dollar or two thank you very much

Ed Dix

GREAT ********So what's on your mind

Tye Roberson

Ordered regular 10 pcs chicken nuggets for my 5 yr old son, they gave him spicy which were burnt. They have too many employees in these restaurants to make so many mistakes! Want visit this one for a while!

Keely R

Laziest, rudest, most unhelpful staff i have ever come across in fast food

Barry J.

I'm sorry I can't rate this place lower. I wait in drive thru for almost 10 minutes while several cars ahead of me place their order and I pull up to the intercom at 12:55 am and the person says "We're closed" I say I've been waiting in line for almost 10 minutes you've taken every car's order in front of me and you tell me you're closed.? She replies "It's 1 am now we're closed" A bunch of lazy assholes here

Keri Van Atta

Just ordered a crispy chicken sandwich meal (not the dollar chicken sandwich, the actual chicken sandwich) through door dash and when it was delivered the sandwich was literally so burnt it was inedible. I'm posting a picture, it looks like a burger, but I promise, that's the "crispy chicken sandwich" they sent me. Not only that, my fries were extremely under cooked and only half full. I don't expect much bc it is fast food, but damn... Really?

Grndbaygal 1

The drive through wasnt working right had to go in and the spicy nuggets were hard when I got them.

Megan Bolton

They were courteous and fun. My preferred Burger King to go to.

latonya young

I work there the staff is amazing

Sassy W.

They should remember there are countless places to spend your money. Burger King in in the same driveway. Rudest people in the drive thru. We were such a bother to them. Not to mention the order was wrong. We asked for a large drink and we were answered with, " We don't have a large drink!" No offer for another size, just we don't have. The rude part was the worst, should be used to getting orders wrong at McDonald's. That's why I rarely go. And they want minimum wage to be $15!!! Should have stopped at Buc-ee's.

byron wilmoth

Order was correct and employees were nice. Food was prompt and correct and at correct temp. The access to the store is right off highway and easy to pull in and out. Store appeared clean.

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