Julia's Restaurant

809 US-231, Troy
(334) 566-5440

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Chef R-let Williams

Their food is always good, their customer service is great, the price is pretty decent too. My favorite thing from there is the sweet tea, it's got that good southern sweetness to it!!!Food: 5/5

510 People Nation

Went Saturday 11-26-22 . The lady that fixed my plate didn't put any gloves on. Had a whole box right in front of her. She proceeded to fix my food without out putting any on. I'm like u aren't gonna put any gloves on ? Then she grabbed my pancakes with bare hands. I paid for the plate but out the window it went when I left. I was disgusted. Like really!! Never again.


It used to have a higher quality of food. It was better as a “Buffet” Price went up, Quality of food went down. Sad day for hungry customers in Troy, Ala.


This place is the “Bomb” and I can’t figure out why the negative reviews. The joint is clean and friendly service. The bathrooms are clean, cozy and no chance of getting Sea Bassed! The food is great and great service. You get a plate full of food!

Earl Clark

Not sure if it was just a bad day or what but the experience was horrible. I was in town for Homecoming and decided to stop in for some country cooking. Absolutely horrible. The selection of food was terrible. No choices at all. I spent 13.00 on dry chicken tenders, overly salty canned green beans, boxed mashed potatoes a piece of flat cornbread. Very disappointed. Left the entire plate on the table. I even left a tip. I will never patronize this place againVegetarian options: None at allParking: Plenty of parking

Greg Howard

Great southern food, hot and fresh. Excellent service. This was my first time, but it will not be the last. Pork chops were very tasty! And make sure you save room for the banana pudding.Food: 5/5

Bennett Brake

Used to LOVE to come here with my friends after our long runs. We would slam plates of food. But once Covid hit, they took away the buffet and never brought it back. Now it’s $10 for one plate of food. Just not worth the value anymore.

Doug Underwood

This is a picture of the rear entrance. It's cafeteria style and you pay by the serving it's not just a pay once all you can eat.The food here is homemade and it tastes really good. I would definitely recommend this place.


Food inedible wxcept for Mac and cheese. Not good diet coke good pie stale i would not recommend to anyone expecting country food

tom murphy

The breakfast was great and the price was right. It's not a buffet. Instead, you're served cafeteria style. Eight bucks buys cheesy grits, eggs, meat and a biscuit. It's even more affordable if you only want eggs and bacon.

Dwight Payne

Great local food served buffet style. I enjoyed the grits and sausage gravy. I recommend a stop here for a hearty breakfast.

Jana N.

Heads up *this is a buffet, which we did not expect nor look for. I'm so glad we decided to stay and eat. Everyone was pleasantly and helpful (we had a 7 month old with us so buffets aren't ideal). Food was delicious. We had fried chicken (there were other options) mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes casserole, Lima beans and friend okra. You can choose one meant and one veggie or two meat one veggie and so forth. They also have a dessert side you walk by.

Marty Barron

Super nice staff. Good food fast service.


I got there at 1:15 (they close at 2). They only had 2 entrées available. I went with chicken tenders. They are small and no extras to make up for their size. I got rice with gravy and they could barely spare it - not enough to cover the rice. Mac and cheese was good. I paid at the end of the buffet line and was asked if I wanted to leave a tip. I told the cashier I would wait and I'm glad I did. The server who saw me when I came in and brought a glass of tea to the table before I sat never came back to refill it. They also started vacuuming at about 1:25 and I had to hear that until I left. I didn't pay to eat in a sit down restaurant to hear them vacuum. Disappointing all the way around

Alex Hall

For the prices please bring back the buffet so many complaints. But I will say still great quality food but don't eat here as much I usually did

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