2240 McFarland Blvd E, Tuscaloosa
(205) 758-3791

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Had this location at a 2star at first because I thought it was the Arby's over by the movie theater (2 stars for that one) This location is great! Good food and fast service! ThanksFood: 4/5

Bill Lemley

Don't have but one thing to say, you're getting like another restaurant when it comes to your shakes, I'm pretty sure you know the one I'm talking about. Your new ranch sandwich is awesome, don't like big pieces of lettuce though. Awesome restaurant though.Food: 5/5

Ayslan Blake

Ricky was absolutely amazing. He was very nice thorough out my entire drive thru order! Give this man a raise!

Bethany Raley

We went through the drive thru and received amazing customer service from Johnny. Thank you sir!Food: 5/5

Drew Fitch

Transphobic General Manager. Arby’s should be ashamed to have a GM that will purposely misgender someone! I’ll never be back and Arby’s do better! However the discrimination case again your general manager.

Shirley Jackson

Great customer service, and great hot food every time.Food: 5/5

Charlie Callari

Roast beef sandwich is the best. Highly recommend

McCoy Reynolds

This place is very nice on the interior and a great place to sit down to eat. The service can be pretty slow but the food always comes out hot. Just know if you’re stopping by it could take a while, but otherwise its a good meal!

Monica P

I wish they would not have gotten rid of the #9 Italian sandwich. That was my favorite. That's the only reason I gave them only 3 stars. People were nice & wrap was good though.


Friendly drive thru Greetings ??? The food was hot and very good. Thank You.


They have the meat. And it is well cooked fast service. And new dishes all the time the new fried fish is delicious. As are all the old standby favorites.

Jami Sims

Kid in the back making food brought the gloves up to his mouth and continued to make food. Tried to call management but no ine picked up

Jay Gato

The guy taking orders with red hair has a BAD ATTITUDE, I've seen him treat minorities VERY POORLY on more than one occasion. :-(

Hugh Jass

I love your chicken sandwiches. Please, stay open later. I will make the chicken sandwhich myself if I must. I love ya’ll. I came there a couple nights ago, my third time that day, and you were CLOSED. My heart broke. Anyways, keep up the good work. ❤️

Elizabeth Morrison

Wasnt really good had to be pulled up to wait on chicken and the frys were cold

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