1914 University Blvd Suite C, Tuscaloosa
(205) 227-8805

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Shirley P.

My partner and I came here after the Alabama v. Austin Peay game for a cup of bubble tea. We were curious about this place and figured they were doing something right to have 2 locations in the city of Tuscaloosa. This one is a short drive from the Bryant Denny stadium. There's also ample free parking right outside the shop. We ordered ahead on their website, and by the time we arrived they were already wrapping up with our order. My partner tried their strawberry creamsicle drink and loved it. I ordered the oolong milk tea with an extra scoop of boba. I was pleased with the quality of the drinks here, and am happy we stopped here after the game. While I asked for no ice and no sugar, my drink did come with both ice and sugar, and it wasn't filled to the rim either. The boba pearls were fresh and chewy, and they were a pretty popular place for a Saturday afternoon. They have some chairs and tables for customers to hang out there. I love their sign on the wall "you are the boba to my tea," my kind of cheesy one liner. I'd recommend Bobamania to anyone in the area looking for bubble tea. They also have a variety of other drinks (lattes, smoothies, etc), there's something for everyone, and it also makes me happy to see a bubble tea shop in Tuscaloosa.

Holly H.

So this was my first time. They ran out of boba.. possibly might give them another shot but that's not a good sign


i’ve been getting boba for a really long time. since 2018, but it’s been mostly out west in places such as las vegas and seattle, where you can get a different variety of drinks. when i came home for christmas last year, my best friend and i decided to try this place out because i needed a good boba fix, and this place was new to me so i needed to test it out and see if i liked it or not. i had gotten a tiger boba milk tea with oatmilk and pudding for the topping. my drink just tasted like chocolate milk. what was even more unfortunate was that the milk tea didn’t have the brown sugar syrup that’s supposed to go around the inside of the cup. the girl that made the drinks and checked us out was sweet as can be, but i definitely think the store should try to work on making milk tea taste more like, well, milk tea! it was just extremely disappointing to get something you were craving and it not be good.Dietary restrictions: they did have oatmilk, which was a plus for me.

Kathleen Prine

Everything is great! The staff was friendly and helpful. The tea tasted great and it didn't cost too much either! I’ll definitely be going back!

Giselle Barrett

Great location. Friendly and courteous staff. Delicious boba. We order Tiger Milk and Taro.

Miquela Rollf

Very yummy. Kind staff. We got the Matcha boba tea, Honey dew Boba tea, and Mango Creamsicle. Each one was very good.

Gabby Benefield

One of our favorite places in Tuscaloosa. They have a good selection of different drinks - try the mango creamsicle with a milk cap or the honeydew milk boba with mango popping boba if you like fruitier drinks. Customer service is great - we're always greeted with a friendly face. Go try this place if you haven't already!

amanda C

Absolutely my favorite boba place anywhere around! They are so friendly and give recommendations when you aren't sure what to try next! They helped me find my new favorite and their drinks are always delicious and on point!

Marcela R.

So Tuscaloosa still needs to catch up to the boba craze. There are places that serve food and also boba, but Bobamania is the only place in Tuscaloosa that serves solely boba. Lots of choices for boba, different flavors, different consistencies. I ordered the Thai milk Tea with extra boba. Be aware, all the drinks only come in one size. I honestly had no issue with it. The Thai tea boba was okay, the boba itself was good, sweet, and chewy. The Thai milk tea part just tasted like it had too much creamer/milk. I prefer my Thai tea to be stronger on the tea side than the milk side, but it was still a nice cold drink on an other wise very hot day.

Jeremy Haynes

Always wonderful service the workers are so nice and considerate and the tea is amazing. I love going to this place multiple times a week because the teas are just so refreshing!


Love this place!The interior is very pretty, and very comfortable to wait in.The matcha milk tea did leave a sort of film on my mouth, and was a little too bitter for my taste (As matcha itself is a very bitter powder. I usually add a lot of sugar, haha.) but was still very tasty, and very pretty before I mixed it.The sunshine tea was also nice! It reminded me of a sweeter, cold Earl Grey tea. It was also very pretty.I reccomend both, along with the Taro and brown sugar milk teas!

Joiya A.

Definitely makes my top boba spots! Good job Tuscaloosa! Perfect freshness and sweetness without being over baring. Tapioca was cooked to perfection as well!

Clara Jeske

The service here is always fast and friendly, and I love that you can adjust things like sweetness levels on all the drinks. The Thai milk tea is AMAZING, I love treating myself to boba here!

Leah Kelly

Amazing taste and bright atmosphere! Friendly service and the drinks were well sized for the price. You can get the drinks dairy free as well!

Skyy Rembert

My son has been BEGGING for boba...and he was not disappointed.... he was putting in his next order before we made it home.

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