Mellow Mushroom Tuscaloosa

557 20th Ave, Tuscaloosa
(205) 710-2187

Recent Reviews

Betania O'Brien

This place is delicious. They have a really good gluten free pizza. They take extra precautions and other gluten free area clean. They also have an amazing gluten free brownie and they gave me some ice cream and warned me about the contamination with the ice cream. I asked them to clean the scoopers and was most pleased by the gluten free brownie with ice cream. The only downer is that where we were sitting the air conditioning was dripping on our table and on the floor and that made it unpleasant.

Bethany Franklin

I’ve always had good experiences here. Fast service and the pizza is great!

Trisha Rush

Great food. Quick service and a fun atmosphere. Definitely recommend and will come back again! Roll tide!


This place was just alright. The silverware and plates they gave us to use were all dirty so asked for new ones and they were also dirty. So if you’re looking to have a taste of everything on the menu go ahead and try them out and the dried leftover food on the utensils and plates will give you just that. Won’t be going back. Nasty!

J Johnson

This is a very nice MM, not far from tr he UA campus. The pizza is excellent and there are other non pizza options that are good as well. Service is very good. Dig the skulls on the wall.

Pragathi Ramanath

Big open seating restaurant. Awesome service and yummy food. Loved everything we ordered.

Mike G.

Loved the mushroom, we had the everything pizza and it was delicious shocked that this was my first visit to a mellow mushroom, tried to go to one in North Myrtle beach last year but walked and walked out as it was so dirty. This location was a completely different experience, very clean and a fun ambiance. I loved the pizza , the crust is noticeably different due to being cooked on a stone or something. Dedicated great choice in Tuscaloosa and I'll be back !


Big open seating restaurant. Awesome service and yummy food. Loved everything we ordered. Lunch hour rush started but we got seated fast.

John Pinegar

Ate there last night and it was delicious. Our waiter was really friendly and gave great service. Don't remember his name just he had blonde curly hair. He checked on our table and got our food and drinks to our table quickly. We will definitely be back in the future. Keep up the great work Mellow Mushroom.

Ellen Belt Winkler

The staff was very rude today. Customer service should be a priority. I was embarrassed for the City and the University. Everyone should be welcomed. We won’t trouble you again because the $95 we spent on two pizza’s, sweet tea and tips was frustrating to staff.

Alex Garcia

Great food and excellent service. Not much more you can ask for.

Jill Slusser

Mary Prankstar and pretzel bites are always delicious.

Monica Vandeventer

Great place. The space is laid back and clean. We loved the small sculptures they had.All our food was very good. They make their own red sauce and it is delicious! Great variety of unique pizzas and nice salad selection. That's rare in Alabama.

Haley Burnette

Our first visit here. We had a party of 12 for a birthday dinner. The food was delicious and our server was fabulous. We will return.

Yancey C.

Good service and great pizza options. Two times already and likely to be back for more. Recommended.

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