Moe's Southwest Grill

2312 McFarland Blvd E, Tuscaloosa
(205) 342-1487

Recent Reviews

Francis Rodgers

Great restaurant! Friendly staff. Good food. Quick service. Not much else to say... But Yelp wants me to make this review longer so I am going to keep typing until it is happy with the lengthTuscaloosa isn't the city of nice restaurants so when I'm in the mood for something casual. Moe's is my first choice and this location never disappoints with quality of food or cleanliness.I work at Mojo's in Tennessee but I have never had food that is this fresh! Everything was perfect including the chips that were still warm!!!!Me and a group of friends got the bowls everyone had a one a little different but they said there was really good mine I got was good as well would definitely go there again

Latonya Woods

Food was just warm and the tortilla chips were cold. The burrito was still good but would have been great if it were hot. Employees were nice and patient.Kid-friendliness: Kids menu present

Money M

This location has downgraded over the past few months. Workers are lazy and have airpods in their ears, Salsa bowls aren’t filled. The salsa that is out tastes very old. Trash cans are covered and napkin dispenser was empty. Will not be returning any time soon.

Quinton Sanders

Everything was good, they were just about out of steak but everything else was Great

Joseph Layton

Half the dining area is closed, but the few remaining tables are almost always filthy. The regular salsa is always out, so you either can eat chips dry or with extra spicy salsa. Ordering is slow, and actually getting food is even slower. Online and in-person orders are handled at the same register and almost always get both staff and customers messed up.Chipotle is just up the road, go there instead

Kristi Abernathy

I ate here for the first time and the rice bowl I ordered was put together terribly. I won't be back.

Michael Sulkowski

I've been here at least a dozen times over the past year. The staff are friendly, the restaurant is clean, and the ingredients are fresh and healthy. What more could you want in a fast food restaurant?

Julie Jackson

I love the food here but EVERY SINGLE TIME I order nachos online, they forget the queso. Think about that. They leave the QUESO off of NACHOS. I've even gone as far as ordering an extra side of queso and they left that out too!!! It's just ridiculous!


Horrible service! One lady huffed and puffed as if she was mad that she had to take our order, one lady was just standing there as if she didn't know what she was doing. We immediately walked out and will not return!!

Devalius Lowery

The burrito homewrecker and the burrito bowl are outstanding. The service is fast and efficient!!??

Tyler S.

Placed an order at 5:27 for 6pm pickup. The app allowed a 6pm pickup time to be selected and had several later pickup times available.. Arrived at 6:04pm to locked doors. Had to bang on doors to get employees who were 6' away to respond, they said they closed at 6. We explained that we had placed a pickup order for 6pm - surely they would've filled it before clearing all the food? No, all food long gone and employees were mopping everything down. We had to ask for a manager, who told us we could pick up the order tomorrow. We asked if they could transfer it to another location in the city. They called the other store manager and let them know that we were coming but didn't tell them our order, so we had to stand in line, try to read back every item with meats, toppings, etc, because the manager wouldn't just take our phone and read the email confirmation with what we had ordered. We had to ask for additional chips three times, and left with three bags of chips less than 3" full although we had ordered an entree nachos and two additional queso cups. Absolutely ridiculous. No offer to refund, no thanks. No apology from either manager.

Veronica Palacios

They where not open.. They had employee shortage.. it was 12 noon. Ad they did not know when they would open.. only the manager and one person where there.. I love Moe's.. never had been to this location.. ?

Stacey Gordon

The food is better than the service! I stood in line for 7-10 minutes waiting for meat to be brought to the line. After it was brought out, I continued standing there waiting for another 5-10 minutes while the employee prepared online/DoorDash orders. I thought I was being punked. This whole time there was only one lady ahead of me and it took me at least 15-20 minutes (I'm estimating on the low side) to get 1 quesadilla. The food was great once I got it, but I will never go in there to order again. Clearly I'm better off ordering online!

Elizabeth Batts

Do not try to go here! It's a waste of time! I was giving Moe's one more chance after getting horrible food and service at the University Blvd location. (The staff was rude and the food was only a fraction of what I use to get at Moe's. It was not even a full meal). I called ahead to make sure Moe's was open and was told they would be open untill 9pm. I get there at 7:30 and the employee standing at the door refuses to serve me. After 30 minutes drive to Moe's and back, I still had to come home and make myself dinner.

Hannah Martin

I decided to try ordering from this Moe’s for a second time, after my last time they left out my cup of queso that I paid for. They don’t make it clear where to go for a pickup order, therefore I waited in line for 15 extra minutes. I’m glad I looked in my bag before I left the store because they did not give me my side of queso or salsa that I ordered. I asked for queso at the store but did not realize there was no salsa until I got home. Whats the point of ordering a side of chips with no queso or salsa included as it says? Very frustrating along with the fact my burrito is falling apart and doesn’t taste very good. The guac especially tastes funny. Keep in mind that a burrito + chips + drink is going to run you about $18. I’ll go to chipotle next time. Really disappointed that I spent nearly $20 on this mediocre at best meal

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