Taco Casa

603 15th St E, Tuscaloosa
(205) 345-0751

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R Norris

Love Taco Casa-despise the customer service - cashier at window argued over what I ordered (had my order 100% incorrect) and then proceeded to call me names under her breath - all this after a 30 minute wait in drive thru line-I could understand if she missed 1 item not all 3

Jared Johnson

Wow, what a treat! This place had everything. The tacos were extra spicy and extra good! ? Staff was amazing and very knowledgeable about their menu. Atmosphere can't be beat if you're looking for that "south of the border" feel, haha!I'll be back for sure!

Samuel Scott

Food was rather mediocre, employees seemed distant and preoccupied with fraternization. Not the usual experience for me or my family.The following complaint is only a personal issue for me. I requested a ice water, through the DRIVE-THRU. I am perfectly okay with paying somewhere around a dollar for a water.. But $2.62…The insanely priced water combined with the new $0.50, “convenience fee”, for using a VISA..I’d much rather stick with different establishments.Complacent and price-gouging.. not my style.Again, I will say that the food was okay. Issues are with experience and extra prices.*** I decided to read other reviews. Upon reading some responses from the “Owner”, I realized something. The “owner” only responds to positive reviews and completely ignores negative ones. Blames quality issues on POLITICIANS.. seriously?Really doesn’t seem to care about customer satisfaction. Seems about right for a restaurant founded by southerners after a trip to Mexico. Hilarious that some of those same people want Mexicans to “stay out”… Unless of course we can profit from your culture. ???

Brad Logan

Been eating here for 35+ years. It's an all time favorite and II am have to stop when I am in townFood: 5/5

Ramon Pacheco

It's great food, it's great quality food, it's home made food, it's fresh ingredients cooked everydayThe ad worked.Food: 5/5

Sandi Moran

I was a little disappointed. Since I moved to Alabama I haven't found "Good"Mexican food. I'm use to real stuff like I had growing up in Los Angeles and Milwaukee! Everything thing here is drowned with nacho cheese sauce or a white cheese sauce. I've never seen it any where else but Alabama lol. So I will have to give Taco Casa a 6 out of 10.

Connor Collins

Meh. I've had better Mexican food from other places. The atmosphere is a little sketchy, witnessed customer insult special needs employee here. The young guy tried their best. Overall not a very nice environment.

Brad C

I am giving myself 1 star for being a fool and 1 star for this location. I go to the register, order tacos and say "no heat, no microwave" multiple times. I get my tacos and they've been microwaved into oblivion. This happens every time at this location...overpriced as it is just drive to the Northport location or get food elsewhere


After tonight my review has been changed from 5 stars to 1 star. Looked up closing times online and found 15th street location was open till midnight. Wife had just gotten off work and we arrived at 1030 and sat in line of drive thru for 30 minutes. I was ok with this but once I reached the speaker to order was told that they were now closed .The car in front of me had been allowed to order. When I inquired I was told they closed due to some incident and the police had been called but if I wanted to complain I should call the manager. Which I intend to do there no apology and the attitude coming through the speaker was almost visible. A little politeness would have gone a long way in relieving my frustration instead I was made to feel like I had been the root of all evil because I simply wanted to buy food at your establishment. So after the conversation with the manager or response here I may change this review until it remains and as a long time customer will not go back.

veneisha “Nece” mills

My Messe Nacho was good but next time I'm gonna try the Chimulupa because I sampled my cousin's and it was delicious. I forgot to take pictures though.

O'neal Tucker

Long line in drive thru yes wrap halfway around the drive thru and of course they mess up on the order. Line was also inside thought drive thru would be faster NOPE Wrong. After messing up on order and seeing a long line inside figure chalk it up as wasted money. SMH

Kessie Abena

Very good food. It's always hot and the staff is always pleasant. The hard shell tacos, taco salad, and Mexico pizza are my favorite items to get. The rice is so tasty to be so affordable.

Skowalski Hughes

Been coming here or another location for almost 40 years now. Even though I moved away from Tuscaloosa in 1988 and currently live in Michigan, I always come home at least once a year, and go to Taco Casa. The Beef Enchiladas are the best ever...


wanted to charge me extra to separate the chips from the nachos, hot sauce tacos were not hot, in-fact i didn’t even taste the sauce at all, and i bet they charged me extra for that too. Not worth the $10 i’ve spent.

Shameka C.

Needed a quick bite and realized I haven't been here in a while. I ordered at the drive-thru, quick enough. I only ordered a beef (mild) soft taco, sour cream added and a soda. Nothing fancy and it satisfied me until I arrived home.

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