Taco Casa

8720 Alabama Hwy 69 S, Tuscaloosa
(205) 758-0553

Recent Reviews

Angela Smith

Food is always excellent. Favorite place to eat fast food. Sweet tea is the bestFood: 5/5

Chance Vandiver

Food is pretty good most of the time drive thru just be to slow!

Jason Weekley

Always amazing with the freshest ingredients! Try the number five hot!

jeff french

First time to Taco Casa and it was fairly decent. The burritos was very heat hot and a good basic burritos. Tacos first round were ok, much better 2nd round when extra meat & cheese & jalapeños were added. Employees were great and the restaurant was very neat & clean.Food: 5/5

Stormie Gay

I’ve been going to taco casa for taste and I used to love them. But for the past year I’ve been a vegetarian and I haven’t willingly eaten meat since. I’ve been to this taco casa twice in the past 3 mo and my ordere was wrong both times. I ordered a bean and cheese burrito with an extra cup of nacho cheese cause I like to dip them. The first time they gave me a beef burrito because they didn’t read my order back so there was a miscommunication. The second time I specifically said bean and cheese no meat and a cup of regular nacho cheese and they have me beefy nacho cheese. I’ve been sick twice because of this because my stomach can no longer handle meat and I’m so tired of them not listening and I end up being sick because of it. The first time I let it slide because it was a very simple mistake but the second time when I specifically say “no meat” and you put meat in the cheese just makes me angry. Come on taco casa. Do better man. You guys used to be awesome.

roger George

Food was good but drive thru is way to slow sitting in line for over 45 minutes


Yummy food as always and cashier was very friendly.

Zach Provence

Would have gave 0 stars if I could. Absolutely the worst Taco Casa I've been to. The staff was rude and disrespectful, none of our orders were right. Then they forgot my hot sauce so when I walked inside to get some after going thru drive thru and requesting hotsauce with my order twice; one of the ladies started being confrontational with me. I told her "ma'am I only come back in for my hot sauce yall forgot to give me with my order." She was beginning to become aggressive so I walked out and went to open hot sauce she handed me and it was soured and no good. Seemed as if it was left out for couple days and went bad. Never will go back there!

Cess Tinker

The lettuce taste like the smell of a funky perfume & the drive through suppose to be the fastest. Instead it’s not, you’ll be in line nearly 45 min to a hour.

Kelvin Schneider

great service, but was not a fan of the food... I guess it's just the way it is supposed to be... I don't think the employees did anything wrong, just isn't for me....

Zach C.

Taco casa is one my favorites but they are working with a new tortilla company the tortillas are not near as good they are so thick and rubbery you could patch a tire with one but overall ya gotta love taco casa

John Newman

Have not eaten there in a while definitely not the same, definitely smaller portions, after eating there most of my life,will not be back.

Ashton Danielle Patterson

The food a year ago is completely different than what it is now . I use to crave taco casa and would never pass it up but here recently it’s the worst. I don’t where the change went wrong but if the changes doesn’t need to be made , don’t make it. These past couple visit the meat has been ice cold and just disgusting and taste old .

Brandon Hill

the employees are rude. the hamburger meat tasted like it had been out in the open all day the lettuce was brown. the quality that taco case use to stand behind isn't what it is today.

Sheila Moseley-Jenkins

The rudest employee EVER on drive thru! Said she couldn't hear my boyfriend giving our order twice so I did it. She told me to get out of her line bc I didn't have to yell.

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