Waffle House

1307 University Blvd Ste B, Tuscaloosa
(205) 247-9919

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Excellent staff and food. Clean and a nice layout compared to the standard highway-adjacent Waffle House. We went late-night on a weekday and the team was working hard taking orders and on the grill. They really need more than two people on staff at night! When we were there they had about 6 full tables and the team was behind but doing they're best. Hopefully they can add to their staff so the team isn't having to handle this work load with only two people.

Dr. Sarah Myer

Was really looking forward to being back here for a visit, but Tamiko behind the counter was so incredibly rude from the second me and my family walked in. We had to leave immediately. So shocked and disappointed that this location has such rude staff. Horrible experience..Service: 1/5

Mallory Hunt

Here at Waffle House they won’t let anyone In but they have friends/family Inside eating. I’m so sick of coming to this trash place and can never even get my order took. This Is the last time for me!! What’s the point of having a restaurant and not even let people eat.

Karen A

Even when they are short-handed, I always get excellent service, and the food is delicious and served quickly. It’s my favorite!

Cooper Cornett

This is the worst waffle house I’ve ever been to. Usually at night they won’t even serve you because they don’t want to work or clean up again. They make up excuses. They also never answer the phone for pick up the phone so it’s impossible to make pick up orders.

Lauren Depperschmidt

Giving a one star on management not food or service. It’s a Monday night at 1am. I was served by Cameron. Such a sweet hard working employee! They have him working by himself. Every table filled. He’s taking orders, cleaning tables and doing payment. His management has FAILED HIM!!! Ridiculous! Management should be here helping. That’s what happens when people call out. No reason this man should be waiting on ALL OF THESE PEOPLE WITH A SMILE! DO BETTER WAFFLE HOUSE! TREAT YOUR EMPLOYEES BETTER!

Kelly G.

My son was at an Alabama baseball camp and we ate here three times in a row. My son loves waffles. Lol. The two women there were absolutely precious, amazing customer service and treated us like family from the min we entered. The cook lady had a lot of pride in her restaurant and it showed! We WILL be back! Thank you ladies for loving on us so well.

Michelle B

For some reason they wouldn't do to go orders, and wouldn't seat anyone at the counter, only in one of the four booths. Left dirty dishes sitting all over the counter I guess to keep anyone from sitting there. Was weird.Food: 5/5


I hate writing poor reviews, but this one truly deserves it. While no one expects 5 star food or service from Waffle House, we do expect edible food. It took 45 minutes to finally get our drinks, and another 45 minutes to get our food… by the time our food was given to us it was cold and disgusting. My husband was throwing up within 15 minutes of eating and I was sick with in 30 minutes. Absolutely will never eat at this Waffle House again

Jae Snow

This Waffle House is nice and generally pretty calm. The food was good and came out within a reasonable amount of time. The furniture and menus were a little sticky, but that's to be expected of any Waffle House honestly. As with most places in downtown Tuscaloosa or anywhere near campus, avoid this one on game day or Friday nights, its sure to be packed to the brim with students

robert john

Typical WH. Service was a bit slow, but food was fine. Easy location on the strip.

Ronald Beadenkopf

Staff are always friendly, food is good and it's ready fast!

Jay Gato

Is the chillest and best paying waffle House in town. But pay their employees well and now it's treating me with respect much better than the other waffle House in Tuscaloosa ?

Jay el` Gato Wilson

Is the chillest and best paying waffle House in town. But pay their employees well and now it's treating me with respect much better than the other waffle House in Tuscaloosa ?

Ashley . R

Food was fresh and very quick, coffee was hot and delicious!!

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