Waffle House

1925 McFarland Blvd, Northport
(205) 339-5880

Recent Reviews

David Dumm

Great staff Jaime was awesome and all the folks were super friendly

Margaret Dover

Always good food and friendly service. Fast too.


Lol welp, its waffle house at 3am. As long as you don't expect fine dining, should be fine.

Nikki Fair

Who doesn't love Waffle House? Our hostess was great.

Kristy Overton

Our waitress was great. Food was cooked perfectly!! One of our best Waffle House experiences.

Joseph North

You know what you're getting with waffle house... absolute fire.

Ben Chilcote

We were immediately greeted and seated. A lady name Jean, that has been working there for 26 years, took care of us, very attentively. Good food, great service, classic Waffle house greatness.

Jennifer Phillips

Love bbn it eat here once a week if not twice but only after midnight

Trip Harris

Score was covered up with a picture....all we saw was the first number....and it was an 8. Kinda meh...

Nawin Yanpirat

Service should be improved.

Christian Dill

The best place in the world to eat no matter the time!

L P.

The worst. Carry out order. Allstar breakfast, missing scattered hash-browns & toast. No onions on our cheesesteak melt which we asked for. Waffle didn't come with any butter or syrup. Good thing we checked before we left. It wasn't even busy! We understand that mistakes are made but there were too many on this order. Won't be coming back to this location.

Marsha Smith

Waffle waffle house and it's always the go to place so you may see us at the Waffle House around town. These ladies are awesome

David Gillott

Always good .. Waffles eggs and bacon and that good WH coffee

Melissa Johnson

Love Waffle House. Staff is very friendly! Blueberry waffles are back

Jackson D.

After going to many Waffle Houses in my life I can confirm that the Waffle House is a great restaurant. First of all the customer service is usually very good. The waits to get seated are often not very long and very bearable. After ordering food it has never took the waiters more than 15 minutes to get my food prepared and served. This is because in the kitchen they have multiple people multitasking making many different foods for many of the customers. The Waiters at the Waffle House have always been very nice to me and the people I'm with. They always use great manners and they are very good at answering and asking questions when need be. The Waffle House is open 24 hours a day, and open 365 days throughout the year which makes it a great place to go to on holidays and weekends, You never have to worry about it being closed at all throughout the day and night. Overall the service is great and the workers there are very friendly and it makes the restaurant much better. Second of all, there is a wide variety of food you can choose from and it is not expensive at all. The Waffle House has two menus, the breakfast and the lunch-dinner menu. The breakfast menu contains most breakfast foods with a special called the "All-Star special" This deal lets you get two eggs, two grilled cheese, a waffle and a choice of ham, bacon or sausage for only seven dollars! The most expensive item on the breakfast menu is the Steak and eggs which rounds up to nine dollars. This includes Steak and eggs, Grilled cheese and your choice of hash browns or tomatoes. Now the lunch-dinner menu has Texas melts, Angus burgers and sandwiches. This lunch menu is also not very expensive and there are also a couple of deals that come on the menu. Third of all, even though the Waffle House chain is non-existent in some states it does a great job of putting the Waffle House in good and easily accessible areas. Near bigger cities in the south they have multiple Waffle House around and inside the city. For example in the city of Atlanta or on the outskirts of Atlanta there are 132 different locations. If the Waffle Houses were made in the northern states I would think they would be very successful. For the amount of people that come to this restaurant in other parts of the country it would only make sense to try to influence the northern states into going to the Waffle House. These are some of the reasons why the Waffle House is a great restaurant.

Cha Cha's Treasure Chest

Delicious, hot, and quick! The team treated my children with class and we had a blast! Everything was on point. From the greeting coming in to being at the table with my place setting before I sat down. Took my food order, called it in, brought my drinks and the items I would need to eat with such as syrup or a steak knife. Kept or drinks refilled, served the food hot and complete. Removed our empty plates quickly and had the check ready upon request! When I am in Northport, this is the WH I visit because of its consistency.

Feather Rayne

My food was cooked to perfection, service was fast and friendly. Will eat here again.

Melissa Martin

This location has never answered the phone. I need a location to place a pick up order. The recording says they are busy....all they are busy doing is sitting in a window both on their cell phones. Can you either fix your employees or your phone.

Karol Whitehead

Breakfast was wonderful - the cook did a fabulous job and our waitress, Jessica, was great!

Jason S.

This is the best restaurant in Tuscaloosa/Northport. These people are always fast, effective, and friendly.

Byron W Christian

food was cold dirty table and was very cold inside. they was playing with food. that place needs a hole new grew

Jimmy Avery

I love this place, taste great every time.

Mitchell Elliott

Service was good food was good

E m Culp

The food was good, friendly timely service

WarZone Lu

Great food. Friendly staff

Lisa Getts

Hwy 82 by Mapco. Had the best meal Ive had there in a long time. Was very pleased.

Melissa Smith

Service I come and go but always open and a good time

Niki Bradford

Food was good, but the service was awful. We never got a refill, and they was not even busy. I got up and went to the counter and asked for a refill. She replied, in a minute. She never came, so my husband went to the convenient store and bought me a drink. We love Waffle House but will never go back to that one.

Michelle Walker

Food was okay. Restaurant wasn't quite as clean as I'd have preferred. Service was good.

Tim Davis

. WH, Good spot to get a great tasting breakfast real quick, crowded like most good WH, but always moving. I'll be back

Jarod Simpson

Great place to eat late at night when others are closed

s thornbrough

The food was great this morning! It wasnt swimming in grease and was super fresh. The grits were hearty and tasted real. Great service from Ms. Peggy as well.

Tashawnda Seay

Loved my food special order n it was right.😍

Jessica Beaurain

When you're in a weird town and can't find a coffee shop, there's usually a waffle house near. Best coffee on the road.

Tracy Green

great food anytime you need it

Sean Feely

One of my favorite Waffle Hizzies by far. Very clean and the waitresses are always friendly! Highly recommend... I think the bfast weekday cook is the best. But I'm no one important 😋

JMichael Taylor

Waitress was really bad. Older lady that brought me the wrong breakfast, brought 1 jelly for 4 pieces of toast, twice tried to bring our table someone else's food, refilled our drinks as we were ready to leave. There were 3 waitresses on duty in this small place and our waitress couldn't keep up with the couple of customers she had.


All Star Special is a great bargain for the amount of food served. The staff are always super nice and helpful.

Teresa Keene

Always friendly faces,food is comforting and just how we order it! Conveniently right around the corner.