Outback Steakhouse

955 E Oak St, Conway
(501) 548-6220

Recent Reviews

Cindy Whorton

Wonderful food. Great service. Our waitress was very attentive lived our visit

Teah Thrasher

Ordered wings. But they never came. I guess our waitress forgot. Other than that it was decent.

Tom Anderson

Good selection of item's...Could use bigger portions on some meals Good service.

Justine Word

Great food. Outstanding service. There truly isn't enough stars to give this place. You'll spend a pretty penny but it will be worth every dime. ?

Sondra Stewart

I had the tilapia with lump crab and it was absolutely delicious. Great service!!! No complaints here!!

Toni Pearson

Worst dinning experience ever. Definitely not a busy time AT ALL. My husband after we waited 10 minutes to be greated at our table by ANYONE got up and asked the host if we had been forgotten. Waited another 10 before a very mediocre waiter asked for our drink order and was not thrilled when we were ready to order. YES WE SHOULD HAVE left but my husband wanted lobster tail...needless to say it never got any better and not once have we been asked if we need drinks refills

George Vickery

Food service was very slow. No real explanation provided. Restaurant appeared understaffed and the customer suffers from poor management.

Suzy Q Winder

everything went wrong from drinks silverware food everything just everything wont be back

Christy Mitchell

Called ahead to make sure they could accommodate our party of 17 a little before 3pm on a Saturday afternoon, which they said they could. Place was nearly empty yet it still took 30 minutes to be seated. They told us they were short staffed, which is the reason we called ahead to begin with.

Byron Scheider

Food was good. Problem was half of the people in our party of 10 did not get there food until 20 minutes after the rest of us received our orders. Not good service!!

Karen Mccracken

Good food. Wait staff even better. Super nice ppl

Joe Cole

I highly recomend this restaurant... I do not work for this place nor do I have anyone I know who works there.. in the past if I have ever had an issue with any restaurant i stopped eating called over the people serving maybe a manger and spoke to them on how to improve on the service and or food... I didnt leave a punk crazy half spoken turd tasting review to discredit everyone at a restuarant due to a single cook or service mistake! I headed my issues face to face so I cou

Adele Kinney

Loved it! Great for date nights Friendly courteous staff. Our waitress Lexi was quick and efficient and a real treasure.

Both Uvuss

One of our favorite restaurants! The shrimp scampi dip is amazing and the new blooming chicken is so tender and moist you will not be disappointed! Amazing service as always.

Seth W.

I've had some good food from here in the past but my last visit will unfortunately be my last. My family and I were seated by the restrooms. The wonderful waitress took our orders and we sat and drank. While waiting for our food we witnessed an Outback employee come out of the restroom and stick his hand down the rear of his pants, dig deep....then smell his hand while walking into the kitchen!!!! I immediately got up and found my waitress and told her what we saw. Once I pointed out the individual she said he was just a dishwasher but does handle the clean dishes. I talked with the family and all but one of us was too sickened to eat there. My future son in law decided to have his meal packaged to-go after the waitress said it did not touch any plates and she would box it. We paid for what we drank and his meal and got the hell out of there. I know this is not really anyone's fault except the person that did this but the way the manager handled the situation was horrible.

Suzy Hatfield

We haven't been back in awhile since we had a couple of bad experiences. Today however was really good. Philip was excellent and remembered us!! Food was great and drinks were very good. We will be back.

Brandy Howard

Had to wait on a table to be â??cleanedâ? while there were 20+ tables open. Took a while for waiter to come get drink orders. Husband asked for horseradish for his prime rib. They were out. Went to the bathroom. It was filthy. No toilet paper. This was early in the evening as well. Not like the end of a busy night

Tamara C

Great customer service. My food wasn't cooked as ordered at first but it was promptly taken care of by the manager


The food was nice and hot and the wait staff and on point! Outback we will be back! You won us over.

Alex Cooper

The food and the staff are great! I ordered the 12 oz ribeye and it was amazing. We will be back for the 22 bone in next time! Conway outback is doing it right!

Clarence Davis

Outstanding steak dinners side orders and drinks..

Phillip Warren

Great tasting steak and all things that go with them ! Atmosphere & food quality are first class and have a great staff to serve your every need. A pleasant experience . ð??

cash blank

Our steaks were absolutely delicious. The service was awesome. Brandon D. did a great job taking care of us. I accidentally left my debit card behind and they took the trouble of finding me. Outback we are coming back.

Sean Rikard

Excellent steak. Cooked and seasoned just right. The sauteed mushrooms flavor was amazing. The house salad had all the right ingredients. Not just a basic lettuce and tomato bowl. Very good experience.

Cassidy Cooper

I absolutely love this place! Alex came by and made sure that everything was exceptional! You have a real good manager here!


From the start to finish, happy, happy, happy. The food was cooked perfect and the service was great. Priced right.

Cassidy Murphy

Everything is amazing! Ask for Hailey D. To take care of you, she is the bomb.com. The front of house manager, Alex, is a real treat! If you get a chance to catch him, definitely say hey!

James Johnson

Me and my kids having a great time at the Outback Steakhouse in. Conway

Kathryn Friedlund

This was a great meal, was surprised at how good the steak was! Everything was on point and our server was great! I believe his name is Connor. Decor is nice too.

Latrell Jones

I just ordered the Blooming onion from Outback Steakhouse an was very disappointed, displeased, dissatisfied with my order it was burned, an I didn't have a small amount of sauce, it look like it was left over from early in the day.

Brittney Howell

LOVE this location!! Go frequently when passing through Conway and its always delicious! They went above and beyond making my husband his favorite that they dont even offer on the menu anymore! The drinks were soooooooooo good and presentation was on point! Our waitress was always a step ahead and we will definitely be back again!

Beth M.

Typical Outback fare. Service was better than average. However- the suggested tip guide on Bill is incorrect! Please be aware and calculate the tip manually. Tips are based on pretax totals- not total amount of bill. I hope they correct this soon!


Went here twice because my company sent gift certificates. I hated it so much both times I now give them away to family or clients. Iâ??ll never go there again even if itâ??s free.

Danielle H.

Our waitress Tressa (our favorite person here) serving us the margarita sampler. My fav is the blackberry and then the watermelon. $7 for all 4. And the food? Forget about it..amazing every time

Gabrielle Davis

Update to say I've been back a few times recently with better accuracy and staff have immediately come out to let me know the status of my order even if it wasn't quite ready. At this point the only complaint I have is the strange inconsistency of certain items.

Luke Whiteaker

My meal wasn't quite satisfactory, but the staff here made every accommodation they could to ensure i enjoyed my time. Everything up to the steak was fantastic. I think I just got a bad cut coupled with a bad cook. The season was okay, but the flavor of the steak wasn't that good and it was just incredibly chewy and medium rare sirloins just aren't that chewy.

Kyla Kordsmeier

Have been there many many times. Today we were seated and sat there for over 25 minutes at table 23 and ended up leaving. We were never looked at twice. Many waiters and waitresses standing around just looking at us. Come on OutBack.. step up your game and take care of your customers.. have your employees put their phones away and at least acknowledge that customers are not being waited on.. so we chose to leave instead of sit there any longer. We absolutely love the food and was very disappointed we had to leave..

Doug Whitener

Love the prime rib. New building makes me feel fancy. Better to call ahead and arrive early big parking lot but it stays full if your around the peak times.

Shane Wanamaker

Food was great. Waiter was excellent. Great experience. Night manager was friendly, engaging, and checking in on all the tables to ensure everyone was having a great evening.

Missy Garland Moats

Great food and awesome servers!