Cicis Pizza

637 E Joyce Blvd Ste 101, Fayetteville
(479) 582-9292

Recent Reviews

Linda Pallotta

Great place to eat for a decent price. It has an all you can eat options of a salad bar, a pasta and soup station, many pizza choices, and even dessert choices. Food and pizza are better than many other places. You should give it a try. There's also a small play area for kids with games.Food: 5/5

Amanda Taylor

The prices have gone up and the quality of the pizza has gone way down. Pizza was bearly edible the cinnamon rolls were hard as rocks.Food: 2/5

Ashley Nellesen

Very disappointed. In the last 7 years, I would have expected them to get a changing table at some point, but as a mother to a newborn, I was met with a METAL BENCH in the bathroom. Not ideal to change my daughter on. Pizza was mediocre at best.Also we had a birthday dinner and needed a couple tables pushed together to accommodate the group we had. We were told to sit by the BATHROOM and not where there was more space to fit us. We attempted to move the tables the way we needed (don’t worry, we put them back), but were going to end up almost in the mens bathroom. We decided to move to where we had more space and we were comfortable. Unfortunately, it was not a great time and I think you should get a changing table soon.

Michael Richardson

The food at this location far exceeded my expectations. Been quite awhile since I have eaten at cc pizza ?. It was fresh flavorful and in abundance on the buffet line.

David Samuel Bailey 001

The pizza was ok, but we placed a to go order of cinnamon rolls and either they forgot or placed them on the buffet, but we ended up waiting 45 minutes on them.

Austin Hughes

Same good Ole Cicis. You always get what you expect. It's not the best pizza, but it's good and, plenty of options.

Nicole Messerly

I would greatly appreciate if this establishment would correct their hours on google because my friends and I have came here multiple times thinking they were open when they were not, and one time they decided to shut the kitchen down 2 hours before closing time. I feel as though this is completely unacceptable. I understand staffing is hard right now and things happen, but it has been 3 separate times and the hours reported have not changed. Please fix this issue.

Lisa Hendrix

Buffet style...great....but when we were there it was busy. Note said they were shutting down early due to not enough staff. Most of the pizzas on the buffet were sausage or pepperoni related...not much of a variety. The salad was fresh but for some reason an employee stood there watching intently as I made my salad. I almost asked if there was a problem with me making one but bit my tongue & went on. If you have time to judge how I make a salad, you have time to help make a variety of pizzas for folks to enjoy.

Eric Bowers

Wonderful establishment! The owner was extremely friendly and courteous to everyone! Would highly recommend this restaurant and who doesn’t love some CiCi’s pizza! Keep being awesome!!

tyler carr

Order a pizza to go gave them extra time to complete the order and when I arrived they hadn't even started it yet. Tried to get me to pay before they told me that so they could hold my money hostage for their second rate pizza. I left and won't be back. The restaurant wasn't busy to justify their actions

Johnnie Davis

Wings, are excellent,wish they were part of the buffet, though, salad was fresh.. staff was attentive, restrooms were clean..

Thomas Tuttass

Cheap all you can eat pizza. Location was very crowded and refills on the buffet was not instant. Good to fill your tummy, but not a great dining experience.

Zeril KSJ

I've been coming here ever since I was a kid. The food is alright, but it's much better hot and fresh. My favorite dish of theirs is their mac and cheese pizza or their soup. The management is very nice and really enjoy how much they do to keep everything on the buffet filled. Overall, I would recommend giving this place a try!

Heather McGough

This establishment has always had great pizza, salad, and I especially love there children noodle soup. The employees there are awesome and have done an amazing job at being great customer service people. Keep up the great work!

Belle Morte

Usually pretty good. The last few times we have visited the selection in the buffet had been kinda small compared to what it used to be. I miss seeing the variety!

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