Southern Hibachi Express

1 Lake St, Greenbrier
(501) 295-5398

Recent Reviews


Fast, affordable, and amazing portions. First time trying theirs; Though if you love hibachi you need to go.Food: 5/5

Rachel Phillips

Always a great meal. Big enough to share with 2, possibly 3... or save for later.Food: 5/5

Dewey Zed

What an unexpected food truck.We were traveling through town with our dog and this seemed WAY better than big chain drive thru. We were not disappointed.The menu is limited … but honestly, who needs 5000 choices? Fed 2 adults with drinks for $23. One got full and couldn’t even eat it all.Service was polite and quick. They do take credit cards.

Rangers Fan

I love Asian cuisine and this spot is pretty decent. I had a shrimp & steak fried rice platter (not sure the name now) and my wife had just the steak version. Two picnic tables if you choose to eat on the run. Yum yum sauce available.

Theresa Decker

Excellent price! Large portion! Food was delicious! Friendly service! I will be back!

Holly Wood

Great food. Meat can tend to be a little over cooked. But friendly staff and delicious food.

Scott K.

Wow, really good food truck experience. Not always the fastest but probably the best food truck around.

Mãdøū Oury Djãllõh

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Rachel Hartwick

This is the best Hibachi place by a long shot!!! And super friendly with fast service!! Food was hot and amazing!!

Kyle Dooley

Food flavor was decent and very large portions. 2 stars for not cleaning the shrimp. It's a huge con for me and won't be returning.

Byron Griffin

I've never had a bad meal from this wonderful food truck.

Jerry Spraggins

Good, quick carry-out. Excellent food. You definitely get your money's worth.

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So I have consistently tried this place for a few weeks trying to find something that tastes sub par. Nothing on the menu so far is sketch, have not gotten sick and the food is actually good. Would recommend for any late night munchie crave or a quick dinner you can surprise the wife with. THANKS S.H.E!!!!!

Ramona Watkins

The food is good, expect a lot of fried rice….”The Steak/Chicken/ shrimp is a very small amount for the price you will pay, however you get rice for 2/3 meals.So if you like meat or chicken or scrimp, it’s definitely not much, since it’s mixed with the vegetable.But it’s good.

Devon Owen

Phenomenal food at great prices, and super nice people! Try it out, you won’t regret it.

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