Hugs & Biscuits

100 US-71, Huntington
(479) 638-8817

Recent Reviews

Mmm Hmm

The stores come up a long ways , I love it here. Treated like family looked after what more could one ask for. No Bathroom? It’s private property they can refuse. Making faces from dirty change? You’d do the same if you had to count it clean everyone’s. They’re Foreigns? So are mine and your ancestors at some point. xenophobia is the devil hate is the devil. Lot of hate in reviews bc they “foreigners” Blake inStead of spreading the devils words spread Jesus’ You will feel better and love thy neighbori am ashamed at level of ignorance in some of my kinfolk. then again I shouldn’t be. it is Huntington.

Philip Puckett

Don't ask to use the restroom. They'll send you across the highway to Pucketts.

Jeffory Allen

They have great tasting pizza, but they have an amazing burger basket. Cheeseburger with sauteed onions with all the other fixing and the fries are potato wedges seasoned perfectly with season salt and you get quite a few wedges all for 5 bucks where else can you get that kind of deal.

Kelly Bower

Well ran store, owner and staff are very helpful and polite. Great food!!!

lisa harris

Its ran by good owners

Edward Escalante

I would highly recommend!

Jayme Bleile

Good food. Unfriendly waitress

Marti Garrison

Its run by rude owners. Its filthy and disgusting and expensive. Drug activity.

Tracy Phillips

Easy fast good customer service

MA Kra

Thank for a nice experience

xSTONExMANx 7676767

Nice people abazar is a good guy

Daniel Carter

Great place good people

Queen Bee

Convenient. I love the quarter machine.

Marsha Clark

The people there are really great people and the food is really good as well

Kenny Horn

Good food and enjoy their employees, see them ever morning in Huntington, I go nowhere else to start my mornings.

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