Park Plaza Mall, 6000 W Markham St, Little Rock


Reviews for Little David's

Disappointing experience. Had to wait for the girl that working to counter to stop using her phone to wait on me. She even loomed up and still gave her attention n to her phone. The staff had no manners. I said ease, thank you and no manners back. Looked at me lime I was talking a foreign language. Had to ask for my chips. The girl that rang up my order was so busy on her phone she rang up my order wrong. Then to make the meal end as it started I ordered a soft serve full review

The grilled cheese was burger buns turned upside down. The manager on duty was on the phone (talking and texting). She also made her own burger, no gloves, and then ate over the counter where the food is prepared. Just, why. Why even work there if you're going to be rude to customers. Why work with people and you don't want to. My burger was burnt too.

Little Davids at park plaza mall has good food but pricing leaves much to be desired. This burger place does not have combo options that are simple and sit around at the 4-5 dollar range like competitor's within the same industry. The staff is friendly enough, but having decent staff doesn't mean that charging 6 dollars and some change just for a basic chicken sandwich (which is what I got) is a price i'm willing to pay for what im getting. Places like this are supposed to full review

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