Flint's Home Cooking

124 W Capitol Ave, Little Rock
(501) 502-0100

Recent Reviews

Kellee Mitchell Farris

You won't regret it!!

Elle Russ

Huge portions of well seasoned southern dishes which need no salt or pepper. Friendly staff.

Keochi Black

Burgers are really good an good service

Lynsey Hancock

Tried Flint's for the first time today. Got the lunch special: Chicken & Dumplings with greens, green beans, & cornbread. Delicious, no salt or pepper needed as this was already seasoned to perfection. Generous portions. Will definitely be back.

Matthew Tatus

Food was fine, service was terrible. They never asked if I wanted a different side besides fries for my lunch special. They served it without the hush puppies, and never answered my question when I asked them if they ran out, then brought 4 undercooked hush puppies to my table as I was finishing the plate. I would have saved them the trouble of cooking them if they didn’t have any ready—I don’t even like hush puppies!!

Eldora J.

So I look on Yelp and saw this place was near and wanted to try it, first of all the address on Yelp is wrong they have moved to the bank building down the street. That was fine so we walked about 2 blocks it wasn't that far. Once we got there I noticed they had chicken and waffles on the menu so I asked for it. The cooked then asked with an attitude," where you see that at" so I pointed it out on the menu. Then he lets me know they not using that menu ( mmmmmok but it's up) so I order from the other menu French toast and turkey ( sliced?) which was lunch meat. The French toast was a piece of bread so I spent 9 buck maybe more on a piece of bread and lunch meat it was aaah to eat. I asked my fiancé how was his meal he told me the potatoes wasn't done they were still hard. I could never eat breakfast here again but I will try lunch the next time.

Mary M Miller

A group of teachers and administrators met over lunch-great good, great service, great company! A real gem right in downtown Little Rock. Everyone should check it out-you won’t be disappointed!

Bobbie Dunlap Shults Luther


Tammy Wiggins

I Justttt Love the Family they are Very Friendly and Remember who you are, which let's you know that they value you for dining in or picking up a to go order.... They let you know that you are Appreciated!!!!!

Catherine Miller

Awesome experience! The food was great as well as the staff. I will definitely dine again.

Connie Buchanan

This place has great home cooked food and i want to tell you the owner supports our homeless and less fortunate people to have a good meal during the holidays. I think we all should enjoy his food and show our support to him for his generosity.

N London

Great home cooking food and friendly staff. I had potroast and it was perfect.


Who doesn’t love amazing food!? Support local! Buy local!! The Flint’s will treat you right. From the lunch specials to the menu items, I have not had anything I didn’t like. Mr Flint even got a coworker and me hooked on new food!

Karen Bartlett

They are busy and you may wait a few minutes but the wait is worth it. My burger was fresh hot and cooked perfectly. Fixed just as I requested. Their catfish dinner is also excellent. Great portions!! Thanks Flints!!

Angelo Hampton

Food was great with no wait and that pound cake was popping.

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