Hurt’s Donut

107 E Markham St, Little Rock
(501) 916-9201

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Nicole Darland

We went late around... 1130ish. I got the red velvet and it was dry but the taste was good im sure if we had gone earlier in the day it would have been really freaking good!

DJ Angele

Oh My hurt me again , the oreo cheesecake..I'm in diabetic shock with a smile. Thanks for our 10 different crazy donuts feeding our crew .

Adam Neihouse

Great 24/7 donut shop. But not your typical donuts, they're very rich.I'd suggest the andy's mints and the Jesus. Thank me later

Trey Herndon

Very nice customer service. Lil pricier than some but delicious! Would definitely recommend and go back.

Robbin D.

We love hurts! They are a little bit pricey. We had them make my husband some happy birthday donuts and each donut spelled it out and they were really good. Friendly staff. Grab a brass knuckle mug for your coffee. Located downtown Little Rock and open 24hrs.

Ari G.

I come here at least once a week. With that being said, I love this place. The staff is usually friendly, although some haven't been so warming (part of the reason only 4 stars). They always have classic, original donuts and donut holes. My favorite ones are the fun, creative flavors and designs- which is why I come here. These are definitely dessert donuts, not breakfast donuts.

Renee Cooper

I am so disappointed in this bakery. I thought I would surprise my coworkers today with some sweet treats today. Went to hurt's bakery made a purchase got back to work. It was like a domino effect. As we started to eat our donuts. Everyone started to look in disbelief of how horrible and distasteful the donuts were. Why would anyone sale food that has expired. These donuts clearly were days old. And for it to be the very first time trying this bakery. Can you say never going back!

Faith M.

If you haven't had the maple bacon bar before then this is a must for you..... there is nothing like it!! Everything at Hurts is wonderful, especially the staff! Always super friendly.

Justin Myers

Apple fritter was amazing. I have an obsession with trying apple fritters at different places and this one was about 9 inches wide and delicious! Great selection of random and different donuts!

Jenn Taylor

Open 24 hours with amazing donuts. As an added bonus, there's an axe throwing place right next door. I mean what else could a person need? ?


Visiting from Florida and they told me these were the best donuts in town. I’m not sure if it just happened to be the time I went but the donuts tasted completely dry and old. I ended up throwing them away.

Ross Thompson

Wonderful place. My kids loved it. It was our first visit. Exceptional donuts.

Candace F.

Update: (See attached photos with proof) I submitted a review on Better Business Bureau the same day of the incident. I also sent two emails on different days to a corporate representative and never received a response. I sent an email to another email address for the company and someone who said they were the owner of the Little Rock location responded. She stated that the she apologized for the incident and the employee was reprimanded and placed on several days of leave due to her behavior (photo attached) However, the company responded to my Better Business Bureau review the same day stating "Candace is not being truthful. Hurts is known to have wonderful customer service but we will not tolerate an angry customer berating our employees and making up falsehoods. Candace is no longer welcome in Hurts Donut, Co." (photo attached)Is this a joke??? I literally have an email from the local "owner" stating that the employee was reprimanded and placed on several days of leave due to her behavior but now I'm an "angry customer making up falsehoods and berating their employees??" Noted. I will be filing a formal complaint and will upload proof of the incident per the response I received from the owner. Instead of trying to remedy the situation, they are now publicly acting as if it didn't happen but they privately sent an email admitted they were wrong. Is this the "wonderful" customer service" they are speaking of? Trust me, I wasn't planning on going back to this company anyway (as I stated in my initial review) so stating that I am not welcome back means absolutely nothing. Also, why didn't a corporate representative respond to my inquiries but responded to a review?? If their customer service was a great as they say, corporate would have reached back out to me in a professional manner and tried to resolve the incident. "An angry customer berating employees and making up falsehoods"?? That's defamation of character and perpetuation of a racial stereotype. They can run the cameras back and show that I was calm each time I spoke the employees and the entire 15 seconds that I talked to the manager.Initial review:I was calling an order in for someone and the total came to more than the person was anticipating so they said to cancel it. I was still on the phone with the associate and told her nevermind they need to cancel the order and she said "Thank you for wasting my time" (I was on the phone with her no longer than a minute, not that it matters either way). I was outside when I was calling the order in (for a curbside pickup) so I went inside to speak to the manager (because wouldn't answer the phone when I tried calling back). I asked to speak to a manager and she said she was on the phone with another customer. I waited for about 15 min and asked if she was still on the phone and she said yes. I waited again and it's going on 30 minutes and she said she was still on the phone. When the male associate came the front I asked if a manager was in the back and he said no. I said the other associate said she was in the phone with a customer and he said she was on the dock talking to another manager. I asked him could he go get her. The so called manager came to the front and I explained what happened and she began explaining the prices. I told her I didn't care about the prices, I was concerned with the disrespect and being told I'm wasting their time. All she said was "sorry" with a smile on her face. How disgusting and unprofessional.


What they did to Candace was wrong. Your customer service sucks and I will never come back to this company and I will spread the word. You are NOT the best dount place in town remember that! Reevaluate your customer service skills! They can definitely make or break your company! That is the first thing you should learn when running a business.

J S.

We have visited this location several times at different times of day and the donuts are always old. They look great but taste awful. Today we went around 515pm with high hopes. Spent $35. I feel like if they know they are old they should tell the customer. And maybe even give a discount! Don't advertise being open all the time unless your product is fresh at all hours.

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